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The Pet Collective

Finalist in Pets & Animals


For the whole-heartedly pet obsessed, The Pet Collective exists to bring joy to pets and their parents with the best pet videos, news, products, how-to’s, and more. One of the top pet-focused media properties in the world, The Pet Collective reaches tens of millions of millennial and Gen-Z pet parents and animal lovers of all kinds. 

In 2020 The Pet Collective sought out to continue growing its brand by creating unique products and new content to keep its audience engaged. The brand launched several new series, expanded the distribution of its streaming tv channel, and launched new consumer products, all designed to satiate the appetite of the modern pet parent in a way that no other pet-centric media brand has done. With tens of millions of followers around the world, in 2020, The Pet Collective advanced its mission to be a trusted resource for the pet-obsessed through amazing video content, entertaining stories, pet-ucation, trends, and products, in order to bring joy into the lives of pets and their parents.

Strategy and Execution

In 2020 The Pet Collective did more to reach and engage pet lovers in a multitude of ways than any other pet-centric media brand. 

To truly reach the pet-obsessed on all platforms,  The Pet Collective launched a brand new podcast -- the brand’s first foray into audio -- to educate and entertain pet parents on pet health, behavior, and training. In each episode, animal behaviorist Kyle Kittleson and Comedian Allison Sieke combine their expertise and love for animals into a fun and informational experience, discussing important topics for pet parents and welcoming excellent feature guests like influencers Hilary Sloan & Ella Bean, 30-year dog training professional Joel Silverman, and author and psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, among many others.

In its core video offerings, The Pet Collective has continued to release highly popular social video series, including original series such as “The Scoop” hosted by Georgie Guinane that helps pet parents navigate common problems and questions, and Our Domestic World, which is a comedic take on the life of pets lead by witty and fun narrations. Having successfully made the leap from social media to streaming TV, The Pet Collective racked up billions of minutes viewed on top free, ad-supported streaming TV platforms like Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, XUMO, Roku, Vizio WatchFree, and many others. 

Finally, The Pet Collective used its passion for entertainment to create and sell an original card game to share with its fans. Cat Face is a meme party game, that encourages players to match hilarious captions with amazing images of cats sourced from some of the internet's most famous viral pet videos. Cat Face can be found on The Pet Collective's store and on Amazon, along with its adults-only “Drinking Edition” expansion pack which was inspired after an overwhelming response to the original game. The Original Cat Face game has over 324 reviews on Amazon and is currently rated at 4.5 stars.


Where other pet brands may have found success on social or TV, The Pet Collective has found success in both. On the social side, The Pet Collective has massive social media followings on all platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok accumulating over 42 million fans and 670 million monthly views. On Streaming TV, The Pet Collective is massively popular, generating 145M monthly minutes viewed across top free-streaming platforms like Roku, Pluto TV, etc. 

With its unmatched presence on social media and streaming TV, The Pet Collective engages pet lovers on every device, including the largest screen in the home. On Streaming TV, The Pet Collective averages 72 min avg. watch time per viewer per day.

Performance from The Pet Collective continues to trend upwards in followers, views, engagements, etc. The brand has become a staple on multiple OTT platforms with its 24/7 streaming channel. 


- 1.89 million subscribers on YouTube

- 42.2M overall followers across all social channels and growing

- The Pet Collective content and original series’ average 670M video views per month with 469M total minutes viewed across all social channels. 

-  200 million monthly minutes viewed on streaming TV platforms

- Average daily streaming TV watch time of 72 minutes


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