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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

ISDIN x Zosia Mamet: 360 Integrated Partnership

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In 2020, ISDIN’s brand goals for the year centered on continuing to raise awareness in the United States and increase visibility of their skincare products among consumers. A way in doing so was to more firmly establish the “ISDIN routine” of using the brand’s products to form a holistic regimen and highlight the products and their points of differentiation, with emphasis on how they correct existing photodamage while preventing future damage. To accomplish this goal, EvolveMKD wanted to execute a celebrity or macro level influencer partnership that would build not only brand familiarity, but also its credibility within the market to encourage product trial among audiences. 

Dr. Melissa Levin who had an existing working relationship with EvolveMKD and the brands we represent, and is Zosia Mamet’s dermatologist, and had recommended ISDIN products to Zosia in the past year to help her sensitive skincare needs. As a result Zosia became a true fan of the brand and incorporated the products into her daily skincare routine. After learning this from Dr. Levin, EvolveMKD reached out to Zosia and met with her team to develop a formal relationship and began discussions on bringing her in as the celebrity ambassador the brand was searching for.

Strategy and Execution


With ISDIN’s goals in mind, EvolveMKD created an integrated partnership plan that promoted key ISDIN products Zosia uses and loves through Instagram posts on Zosia channel, an IG Live on ISDIN’s channel, a post on ISDIN’s blog, a paid advertorial and earned media interviews. To create longevity, an emphasis was placed on creating social content that could be reused across ISDIN’s own channels and in email marketing.

For the social portion of the partnership, the primary focus was on using Instagram to share content of Zosia using ISDIN products and sharing the firsthand experience. To accomplish this, EvolveMKD developed a timeline, comprehensive project tracker, copy and creative guidance for the social deliverables. EvolveMKD also developed scripts, provided Zosia with key messaging points about the product and a briefing book that included the desired look and feel for the social content. The talent team followed the script for each corresponding social media post, with ISDIN reviewing all content and sharing feedback before clearing for Zosia to share on her channels. Other preparation ahead of the social content and media integration included an Instagram live pre-walkthrough and social media storyboards for reference.

To prepare for media outreach, EvolveMKD worked with Zosia to craft quotes about the various products highlighted in the partnership in order to give editors her perspective on why she uses and loves ISDIN. 


The partnership kicked off in Q4 of 2020, with Zosia sharing several in-feed posts on her Instagram channel.. The videos featured overlays with product information and names, while Zosia spoke about each product’s feel and purpose effectively as a true user of the brand. She also filmed an IGTV video for her Instagram page, walking her followers through her daily skincare routine using ISDIN products and promoting both their quality and compatibility with her sensitive skin. Zosia also shared several Instagram stories of putting on ISDIN products and demonstrating the proper way of using them to her following. 

Zosia and her dermatologist Dr. Melissa Levin, who had introduced her to ISDIN, teamed up for an IG live on ISDIN’s channel as well, sharing facts about the brand, hitting key messaging points, and answering any questions on how stress affected her skin as an on-the-go actress while positioning ISDIN’s full routine as a solution. 

The contracted partnership also allowed for ISDIN to use Zosia’s likeness, which allowed them to include her in email marketing, repost her content on ISDIN social channels, and create a blog post that lived on the ISDIN site to drive traffic. The blog post shared Zosia’s skincare  and wellness tips while simultaneously featuring her favorite ISDIN products.

To amplify Zosia’s relationship with ISDIN products, EvolveMKD helped coordinate a paid advertorial with that spoke about the partnership, Zosia’s routine, and how she discovered and fell in love with the ISDIN brand. In addition, EvolveMKD conducted wide media outreach to consumer beauty and trade outlets highlighting Zosia’s skincare routine. Exclusive interviews with Zosia were offered to key media outlets.


We were able to successfully execute a 360 integrated approach with content reuse of all deliverables. A total of 7 social media posts (4 IG stories, 1 IGTV, and 2 in-feed video posts) were shared across Zosia’s owned channels, resulting in 118K+ impressions alone. Her engagement rate across these posts was 3.34%, nearly triple the industry benchmark rate of 1.18% and demonstrating how effective the posts were at connecting and gaining interest from her audience.

Media outreach and pitching by EvolveMKD resulted in four earned placements, including a feature story on that interviewed Zosia and allowed her to share her skincare secrets and detail her ISDIN routine in a in-depth manner. This, in addition to the three other placements and paid advertorial on, resulted in over 23.7 million impressions. We were able to also track these impressions to over $3,500 on sales for the brand, demonstrating the success of utilizing a brand ambassador to speak towards product effectiveness and trial.


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