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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Get That Glow-Up With Tips & Tricks From “Beauty Hacks” by Jellysmack

Audience Honor in Snapchat Presence

Entered in Snapchat Discover


Develop the most engaging show for beauty fanatics on Snapchat by creating and publishing helpful and often surprising tips and tricks that solve everyday beauty-related challenges and make your life easier.

Strategy and Execution

Conceptualize, produce, film, and edit an engaging show for Snapchat Discover that offers unconventional and easy solutions to a variety of beauty issues related to skin, hair, makeup, and more. 

Focus “Beauty Hacks” content to appeal authentically to millennial and Gen-Z viewers on Snap:

Use the company’s proprietary social listening platform Jellypulse to identify trending beauty themes and stories to inform content creation. Edit and optimize each video for maximum engagement using our exclusive multi-variant testing approach that vets the best video edit, caption, thumbnail and other features so each episode shines its brightest.


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then Jellysmack’s “Beauty Hacks” show on Snapchat Discover was a total knockout in 2020.

The channel mesmerized fans with its entertaining and educational tips, racking up over 10 billion unique video views and amassing a loyal subscriber following of over 9 million beautyholics. This represented a 43% increase in subscribers during the year. Life to date the Jellysmack “Beauty Hacks” show on Snapchat Discover has generated over 24 billion unique views.

Jellysmack published 158 episodes of the popular social media show on Snapchat Discover in 2020 and fans racked up 862 million minutes of total viewing time, or the equivalent of 1,640 years!


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