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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards


Entered in Music & Dance


We received the film edited as it stands, and were tasked with creating an original piece of music to accompany it. We composed a track that synced to the choreography, creating a soundscape inspired by the world on screen. MOSS Studio described the piece as “an exploration of humanity - and the authenticity of that humanity. At a time when society begins to re-open once more, ‘Emerge’ slowly reimagines our new state of normality and interaction.” We worked to bring that thesis to life through sound.

Strategy and Execution

We worked with Fischer King to put together a piece of music with elements of electronica, but one that also utilizes otherworldly sounds to reflect the futuristic, alien aesthetic of the dancers. The goal was to create a sonic representation of the loose choreography, but one that also felt rhythmic and danceable - something fresh and new, while also recognizable and relatable. Taking further inspiration from the video, Fischer King resampled recordings of non-instrumental props to provide musical foley for the action happening around the duo.


MOSS Studio, in collaboration with make-up artist Ryan Burke and choreographer and dancer Olga Dobrowolska, set out to create "a study of the relationship between two beings in complete sync with each other, " set in contrast to a gritty, dystopian world. The music we composed for the piece elevated that juxtaposition, making the film even more immersive for the viewer. 'Emerge' is truly a creative meeting-of-the-minds.


Video for Emerge

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duotone audio group, MOSS Studio


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