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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Cazcanes Tequila - Unconquerable Spirit

Finalist in Brand Redesign


Cazcanes Tequila had a pretty good problem: their tequila kept winning awards, but given all the money being poured into the “tequila gold rush,” they were facing a lot of competition. They reached out to us to help them make inroads with audiences who might not be tapped into the world of tequila enough to catch all the trophies Cazcanes kept bringing home, but had the right sophistication to appreciate a high-quality spirit. We knew just where to start.  

Strategy and Execution

When it comes to great branding campaigns, honesty isn’t optional - if you make people expect a brand to be something it isn’t, they aren’t likely to give you a second chance. So we rethought Cazcanes from the inside out and conducted a photo/video shoot to capture the product in a new light.

We launched our campaign with an anthem video which positioned the brand as authentically “unconquerable” - a nod to the unconquered Caxcan tribe whose story the distiller paid tribute to with the name of their product. Unlike other tequila brands, a simple image of an agave field wasn’t going to cut it. We created a uniquely contemporary look for Cazcanes’ social presence which took aesthetic cues from lifestyle segments like fashion, health, and beauty to help the brand appeal to a younger, urban professional audience seeking “guilt-free” pleasures. The direction yielded a library of tastefully crafted images and videos that blend earthy aesthetics with modern design.


Our rebranding campaign started showing signs of success almost immediately. Cazcanes’ sales reps reported a massive increase in distributor interest following the rollout, citing our redesigned look as a factor which gave them a better understanding of how to position the brand in the market. And we also saw a considerable uptick on social media, with the attracting thousands of followers among the key youthful demographic we were targeting - many of whom dropped notes on our posts specifically calling out Cazcanes’ new look and feel. 


Video for Cazcanes Tequila - Unconquerable Spirit

Entrant Company / Organization Name

O2, Cazcanes


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