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Art Is Revolution

Winner in Immersive

Audience Honor in Immersive


2020 was an unprecedented year across the board - from a global pandemic to civil unrest, which led to an increased focus on racial equality and equity across the country. With in-person gatherings limited and cultural institutions shuttered, Verizon Media, RYOT and All Black Creatives took to immersive to create a virtual space in response to and support of the movement with the goal of spotlighting Black creatives who have inspired a racial reckoning through their art and uplift their voices. Through the virtual exhibition, the partnership gives Black artists a platform to spotlight racial injustice through art and inspire a new era of equity and equality with their groundbreaking works. 


History has shown art to be the most impactful catalyst for change - offering a lens into the lives of others, and the immersive format of Art Is Revolution aimed to let viewers experience and interact firsthand with projects that spotlight stories of truth in the Black experience in America. 


Art Is Revolution aims to democratize AR by lending resources and licensing art from Black creators of all kinds. 


Strategy and Execution

With the pandemic shuttering galleries, events and showrooms around the world, Verizon Media, RYOT and All Black Creatives teamed together to find a way to support the cause and lift the voices of the Black community in a sustainable way given the global lockdown. As a result, Art Is Revolution is a collaboration between the three to actualize a virtual, WebAR museum showcasing 21 unique Black artists from around the world. Curated by Danielle Elise, cofounder of All Black Creatives, the show included artists from New York, St. Louis, London, Oakland, Paris and Australia, in a virtual space as a way to promote their pieces while actual galleries, events and showrooms remained closed this year. 


Using a variety of technologies, including drone-captured photogrammetry, Art Is Revolution transformed artwork from Black creatives into augmented reality exhibits that viewers can explore and interact with. Using a mobile phone, viewers can even bring these pieces, virtually, into their own space. 


Art Is Revolution curator Danielle Elise picked restorative themes to spotlight in the exhibition including Lift Every Voice, Healing, Black Joy and Future, with each of the 21 selected artists creating standout works that give image, voice, compassion, honesty, sound, truth and reflection to the revolution. 


In addition to the 21 creative works spotlighted, Art Is Revolution also commissioned a new piece by Damon Davis called "ALTARS," an art installation exploring themes of family, spirituality, Afro-surrealism, from a Black American lens.


In partnership with HuffPost, the exhibition ran for four weeks, each spotlighting multidisciplinary Black creators, including photographers, musicians, writers, poets, sculpturists and more, all in an immersive format. By spotlighting their voices, Art Is Revolution gives a glimpse of a future driven by racial equality and justice, using art as a tool to raise awareness and continue a dialogue. 


By spotlighting Black culture in a cutting edge, immersive medium like web AR, Art Is Revolution demonstrates the reality that Black is the future. 



RYOT successfully translated 21 artists' 2D visual work into 3D augmented reality pieces. RYOT's team of industry-leading engineers shared the tools and technology with these artists to bring their thought-provoking artwork to the digital forefront.

Verizon Media leveraged their portfolio of brands, selecting HuffPost to house these digital art galleries, giving the participating artists a global platform to showcase their work and amplify their message.



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Yahoo Ryot Lab, Verizon Media


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