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Animaniacs Online Community

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We put on our slacks and got to work to welcome the Animaniacs to the 21st century and build a dedicated community of fans both old and new. With a unique social voice, fun engagement tactics, and social listening, we aimed to show our audience that the Animaniacs were still zany to the max, and topical as ever.

Strategy and Execution

We welcomed the Animaniacs to the world of social, modernizing the iconic brand for today’s audiences while keeping its signature zany voice intact. It was important that fans felt connected to our pages in the same way they did with the show, so we kept things lighthearted, fun, and reminiscent of our characters with an in-world social voice and tone.

Across platforms, we upped the show’s nostalgia factor to appeal to adult and parent audiences. The Animaniacs had some fun for the entire family, so we didn’t shy away from encouraging co-viewing opportunities for parents and their kids when replying to comments. This was especially important on Facebook, where fans would continue to express excitement over sharing the series with their loved ones. On Instagram, we spoke to longtime fans and those who were just discovering us for the first time. We played up our characters’ quirks, leaned into the show’s unique humor, and (playfully) trolled users from time to time. Of course, it wouldn’t be Animaniacs if we weren’t inserting ourselves into the conversation with our own social commentary. We used Twitter to make light jokes and share satirical takes to poke fun at the real world, while still being playful and true to the tone of the show.

We encouraged two-way communication with our fans through Twitter polls, questions that pondered future character plans, interactive Instagram Stories, and personalized exchanges in the comments. Strengthening our relationship with the Animaniacs community was our priority, so we kept every interaction unique and memorable, keeping users coming back for more.

To keep our audience engaged long after the show’s premiere we amplified fan-favorite moments, put our own spin on the latest memes, and contributed to trending conversation. Oftentimes, this reactive content outperformed produced creative content, proving the importance of listening and learning from our fans. Through social listening, we also discovered their incredible talents and their desire to share their Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain fan art. We launched Fan Art Friday in response on both Instagram and Twitter, resulting in an even stronger and supportive fan community that continues to share their art today.


Animaniacs became the most talked-about Hulu original during its first week of release, and the second most talked-about of all time. Over the course of two months, our social pages amassed over 117K passionate followers.



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Digital Media Management, Hulu


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