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With travel paused, large events postponed, and life spent sheltered under pandemic guidelines, creators had unprecedented hours to spend at home—and Adorama was ready and waiting to inspire them. Adorama has always helped creators elevate their craft, whether it’s new tricks for lighting photoshoots, the best gear for filming documentaries, or any host of topics in between. 

But in 2020, Adorama saw the need to take their AdoramaTV offerings up a notch. The brand launched its Create No Matter What campaign in early 2020 to inspire their community to continue creating despite the pandemic’s barriers, and helped creators realize that this pandemic pause was the perfect time to chase dreams and embrace passions. 

While the Create No Matter What concept was well received, Adorama knew it had to go beyond a catchy title to make a lasting impact. It did, with an unprecedented nearly 400 videos that focused on the nuts and bolts of practicing what the brand preached: creating, no matter what.

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Adorama’s 2020 video lineup was designed to reach creators of all types across the brand’s community. In fact, the brand went above and beyond to not only promise this, but deliver, with its small-but-scrappy team creating nearly 400 videos in 2020. (That’s more than one video per day!)

Adorama worked with wedding and portrait photography influencers like Vanessa Joy to highlight everything aspiring lifestyle photographers need to get their businesses and crafts off the ground, from videos like “how to get natural expressions in wedding photography” to “beginner flash photography for portraits tutorial,” all geared toward helping photographers learn during lockdown, and take those skills into the field when it became safe.

AdoramaTV also went all-in on its “Master Your Craft” theme, an educational series of in-depth instruction into specific photography elements that many creatives struggle with, from how to safely and respectfully photograph strangers, to how to use the often-intimidating photoshop successfully. 

Adorama’s YouTube community engagement continued with everything from photography Q&A with audience-submitted questions to out-of-the-box ideas to help creators, well, create, including a fun, lighthearted series on new tricks to try at home. 

When Adorama launched its Create No Matter What campaign in early 2020, it hoped to inspire its community to find, pursue, and perfect their passions despite the pandemic barriers. At the time, of course, the brand had no idea just how long this pandemic would go on. Now, and even post-pandemic, the Create No Matter What campaign and its associated content has become a battle cry. No matter the creator’s skill level, education, location, or level of lockdown, AdoramaTV’s presence proved its community members can truly create no matter what, in 2020 and beyond. 


With nearly 400 original videos spanning virtually all creative fields, it’s no surprise Adorama hit its 1 million subscriber milestone in 2020. The channel now has 9.4 million hours of watch time and 161 million lifetime views. And, perhaps even more impressive is the brand’s tenacity. Adorama’s small-but-scrappy video team practiced what it preached with its Create No Matter What campaign. Despite the pandemic, and while following safety guidelines, the brand created more original videos than days of the year—with each of the 400 videos being as high quality as the last.


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