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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

AAA Membership - We've Got Your Back

Audience Honor in Localization


2020 kept us all on our toes. Our consumer landscape runs across seven states (Northern CA, NV, UT, AZ, MT, WY, AK) encompassing a diverse mix of communities, buying patterns, and cultural norms. As brand with a purpose built on keeping them in motion, one challenging consistency stood out for us last year: Our customers and prospects were staying home and driving less.

To keep business moving forward, even as cars sat idle in driveways and garages, we needed to remind consumers that a AAA Membership offers more than the legendary roadside assistance on which the brand was built. It encompasses a suite of Member benefits - including identity theft protection, time-saving DMV services, and hundreds of discounts on everyday items.

Our objective was three-pronged: 1) to raise awareness around the full collection of AAA Member benefits, 2) to drive Membership sales, and to 3) boost organic engagement for retention.

Strategy and Execution

We launched a mobile-optimized, geo-targeted campaign on Facebook and Instagram, targeting specific audiences with a mix of organic and paid content created to appeal to their respective interests and geographies. Our messaging put the emphasis on taking the stress out of every journey, allowing AAA Members to focus on the road ahead.

The campaign consisted of two segments. The first was a series of 10-second videos focused on three AAA Member benefits other than Roadside Assistance - car seat installation, identity theft monitoring, and car battery delivery. We ran them as paid promotions on both Facebook and Instagram to begin making consumers aware of the multiple routes AAA takes to drive peace of mind.

Second, we launched a series of paid direct response text animations featuring additional Member benefits and promotions.

From there, we retargeted paid and organic viewers who landed onto our website, tagging those who began assessing Membership options, but abandoned their carts before converting. We circled back to them with post messaging promoting the overarching benefit we had been driving all along: peace of mind.


We wanted to raise awareness around AAA's full suite of Member benefits, and we hoped sales would follow. As a result of our work, the CPVV decreased by 238% ($0.29 in 2019 to $0.08 in 2020). Our improved geo targeting efforts also helped us reach more prospective Members with our overall CPM decreasing by nearly 6% YoY.

In addition, we were pleased to observe that our work led to an impressive 57% increase in AAA new Member acquisitions while decreasing CPA on an increased budget.

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