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A Night At Razin

Finalist in Home & Decor


For more than two decades, Razin, a furniture manufacturer in KSA, has been producing customized furniture pieces to their clients in Riyadh. Razin hired Blue Hat Consultancy to help it embark on its journey of innovation. The aim was to harness the latest digital trends in order to position Razin as a leader in Furniture Design, Manufacturing & Customization.

Significantly, we launched an online & offline campaign called a “A Night At Razin” in January 2020 with the following objectives:

Strategy and Execution

A Night At Razin - The Concept

Inspired by the entertainment boom in KSA, we created in collaboration with Razin’s team an event-based campaign themed around a vintage cinematic experience called "A Night at Razin." The campaign was implemented both offline and online.
The showroom setup featured sensory experience with movie theater elements being present at every corner, such as: popcorn and cotton candy machines, an iconic ticket booth, neon signages and other design elements to encapsulate the real experience.  

We set up seven immersive booths inspired by specific interior design styles echoing iconic movies. The booths were furnished using items from Razin's new collection and included specific scents & music relevant to each movie. For instance the bohemian-styled booth was inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel, while the Art Deco-styled one inspired by The Great Gatsby. Tablets were also placed in each booth to show renders and customization options (colors, patterns, etc..) 

Building Anticipation
To build up anticipation of the launch event of Razin, we published on Razin’s Instagram short teaser videos 10 days before the beginning of the event with a countdown 3 days before the launch. They were focused on triggering curiosity and showing factory highlights with a cinematic vibe. 

Event Reveal & Social Media Content
On the day and during the event, the reveal took place. The overall experience was mirrored with customized social media posts on Instagram. Through Razin’s Instagram account we showcased the event activities along with glimpses of every booth. Promoted posts also focused on inciting people to visit the store and visiting the website to explore the collection.

Event Coverage
We reached out to social influencers and media partners who specialize in home decor, interior design and other creative fields. Ten key social media influencers visited the new showroom and covered the event. They shared their tours of the space through Instagram and Snapchat. They captured their favorite booths and invited their online community to follow Razin and visit the showroom.

Post-Launch Social Media Content
We utilized Razin’s Instagram to cover the different interior design styles & furniture setups through high quality images & videos showing the details & the craftsmanship. Some posts were dedicated to explain the customization process and options for each style. Through Instagram stories we engaged the audience with quizzes about each interior design style while showcasing the process of customization. 

Virtual Showroom
We created a 360° virtual reality showroom tour of the booths on Razin's official website to showcase the space online and portray the same sensory experience. The VR experience proved to be a great success especially after the Covid pandemic spread in KSA.


By creating an immersive experience that triggered curiosity, to drive quantifiable impacts, "A Night at Razin" was a success. Razin’s online ads and its collaboration with 10 influencers, we reached our goals of raising brand awareness, boosting sales and creating a buzz. 

Online Reach & Reactions
The event reached a total number of impressions of 1,692,711 online and the reach was 868,500 while the cost/engagement was $0.02. Moreover, Razin’s Instagram account witnessed a 43% increase in followers where the average interactions per post were 15,922 of likes, comments and video views. Not to mention, the number of those who viewed the virtual showroom on Instagram was a total of 17,555 visits. 

Sales Boost
The sales were significantly boosted as the factory exceeded its production capacity within a short period of time following the event. Moreover, the average daily footfall to the showroom has increased by 300%. A spike in direct messages and online message submission also contributed to the sales increase. 

Created a Buzz
A Night at Razin event was definitely a success; it generated positive feedback. It triggered the curiosity of people and gained Razin a wide exposure in Riyadh setting the bar for the Saudi furniture industry. After the campaign, the followers continued to engage with Razin through social media, the website, and the virtual showroom. 


Video for A Night At Razin

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Blue Hat, Razin


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