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Discovering Growth in Sales & Young Minds Alike

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Discovery Toys is the nation’s premier learning toy company dedicated to aiding childhood development through educational play. Trusted for over 40 years in the toy industry, Discovery Toys fuels the fundamental skills, curiosity, and passion that leads to learning success for children. 

Coming on as a client of 1SEO Digital Agency in February 2020 with the goal of increasing their brand’s awareness and online recognition while also hoping to increase website product sales. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit just weeks later in March, the new goal was to not only generate brand awareness and increase sales but more importantly to navigate and strategize around new end-user behaviors. As many of their competitors’ brick and mortar locations were shutting down and shifting focus to selling their products online, our team had to capitalize on solidifying Discovery Toys’ placement across the search results on Google.

Strategy and Execution

Putting all of our trust into Google’s smart bidding algorithms along with Google’s Smart Campaigns & Smart Shopping Campaigns we began building. We segmented our Smart Campaigns by profit margin, giving the higher-margin products their own Smart Shopping Campaign with a target ROAS setting at 300%.

We put the remaining products into a lower budgeted campaign and also took advantage of Google’s free product listings opportunity. We set this campaign’s target ROAS at 200% in order to capture more presence on these products in efforts of getting interested buys through to the website and into our funnel.

We then utilized Google’s Smart Campaign to run ads alongside our shopping ads in the effort of taking up as much search real estate as possible on the first page. By doing so, Google would automatically show our client’s ads more aggressively when customers were in the bottom funnel stage of their purchase journey but would also show ads during top-funnel searches to maintain a strong presence across all touchpoints in the end-users purchase journey.


At the end of this campaign, not only was 1SEO able to keep our client in business, but we were able to generate a 4X return on their ad spend (ROAS) from direct conversions and nearly an 8:1 return when including assisted conversions. Looking at 2020 in sum, our experts were able to generate $327,543.31 including assisted revenue generation with a ROAS of 5.73:1.   

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1SEO Digital Agency, Discovery Toys