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TWIX & Coffee with Matt Cutshall

Entered in Multi-Platform Partnership


TWIX tasked Viacom with creating a social campaign to introduce the pairing of the candy bar with coffee in a way that would be relevant to Millennials and Gen Z’ers. As a recognizable brand with a strong and unique voice, it was important for this social content to fit within the context of TWIX’s larger (and already well-established) marketing campaigns whilst still working hard to raise consideration and purchase with the 13-18 year olds in Gen Z and the 18-34 year old Millennials. By highlighting coffee drinking rituals, TWIX would be brought to the forefront of these audiences’ minds during key coffee moments in their lives.  

Strategy and Execution

In order to bring the coffee and TWIX pairing to life, Viacom casted exciting and relatable Talent- Matt Cutshall and his friend Alex Oliver. Knowing the brand is playful and has a large presence on social platforms already, it was clear that hysterical influencer-only content would be a natural fit. Because their own brand creative was very stylized, the authentic and personal voice of an influencer would be a perfect complement to everything already out there. 

With the goal of inspiring consumers to include TWIX in their own coffee drinking rituals, Viacom produced custom assets that leveraged the duo’s natural comedic timing to highlight that nothing pairs better with a coffee than a TWIX (right or left…drinker’s choice!). 

The content was created in close collaboration with the Talent to ensure that the voice was authentic to his own content. In the social video, Matt and his friend Alex are at a coffee shop. Alex is getting ready to dunk his flakey croissant into his coffee for a sweet treat when he’s abruptly stopped by Matt, who suggests instead of a croissant, why doesn’t he dunk a TWIX? Alex had never thought of this and was a bit confused by the suggestion. The two discuss the differences between a left TWIX and a right TWIX, and then Alex tries the new combination. And he’s so happy he did. 


This campaign saw huge success across the board, delivering over 19 million total impressions, over 3 million views, and saw and overall engagement rate of 17%, all of which exceeded our benchmarks. We saw our highest delivery on Instagram, which contributed to over 12 million of the overall impressions, and over 2 million of our video views. With the campaign’s KPIs of reach/awareness, and general engagement, these results show just how many people were reached, and how our audiences engaged. Knowing how our target audience’s behavior on social – how active they tend to be and how engaged they typically are with content – and also how quick they are to scoff at anything deemed inauthentic, it was important to give them something that felt new and fresh, that felt natural to the social space, and organic to our casted Talent. By serving a variety of asset types – from Instagram stories to short-form content, to photo assets, to long-form content – we were able to test and see what resonated best, and also continue to hit our audiences with different creative to keep them engaged. 


Video for TWIX & Coffee with Matt Cutshall

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Viacom Velocity, TWIX/Mars Inc.


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