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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Cisco SocialBridge: Connecting Customers with Expert Answers

Audience Honor in Customer Service


The Cisco SocialBridge was created in 2017 to bring the brand’s social care presence to new heights and deliver incredible social experiences and an unprecedented level of support to customers and users.

The SocialBridge strives to never miss an opportunity to engage with users across social media, forums, and the web – and works to build and strengthen relationships, answer questions, capture feedback, and offer assistance and support when users are frustrated or need a connection to our company or leaders. Through a unique company-wide network of product and technical experts, we are able to answer questions more completely than ever before at Cisco – bringing an enhanced social support experience to everyone we encounter online.

In 2019, driven by our mission to deliver faster and better answers to more customers than ever before, we focused on the following goals of streamlining workflows to automate and eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming tasks, utilizing artificial intelligence to identify and prioritize addressable conversations, optimizing and reorganizing keyword lists across the business, scaling our robust expert network across all product lines and architectures, and developing data and analytics reports to help us analyze program performance and identify optimization opportunities.

It has been an exciting year, full of blue-sky thinking, testing and learning, and company-wide teamwork! Read on to learn more about our strategy and outcomes, and if you ever need to reach us, drop us a line @HeyCisco on Twitter - we are here to help!

Strategy and Execution

This year, we implemented the following strategies and improvements to deliver expert answers to more customers than ever before.


Since launching in 2017, the SocialBridge has seen continued success in helping customers connect with Cisco experts on social media. Our efforts have led to many exciting results including:

Using social listening, we identified customers' trending feedback and concerns around our use of excessive product packaging. This social feedback and feedback collected by other teams was delivered to leadership which drove major changes in Cisco’s packaging operations in the next fiscal year. We then used customer tweets to create a catchy video to let our audience know that we listened and their feedback helped Cisco to go green.


Video for Cisco SocialBridge: Connecting Customers with Expert Answers

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Cisco Systems Inc. - SocialBridge, Digital Marketing Organization


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