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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

The RE/MAX Sticker Collection

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Modernizing the agent-to-buyer and agent-to-seller relationships is a priority for RE/MAX as a pioneer real estate brand, exploring channels for communication (and celebration) that have never been commonplace in the real estate industry. In the fast-paced digital world of social media, communication has surpassed texts and phone calls. We live in a visual world, and GIFs are able to convey more emotion than words alone.

RE/MAX, LLC’s Social Media Team, in collaboration with San Francisco-based agency Camp+King, launched “RE/MAX Stickers.” In a package that includes 17 colorful, hand-drawn RE/MAX-branded stickers, users can share animated graphics through text messages as well as on Instagram and Snapchat during the home buying and selling processes. This tech-accessory helps break down the corporate-to-consumer barrier, driving alternative engagement across social platforms. With these branded stickers, agents can create more memorable marketing and communications with their network, and consumers have the proper tools to celebrate homeownership.

An overarching goal of this product launch was to implement a creative, yet quiet way to market the RE/MAX brand. Though small in size, the RE/MAX stickers have been a key source of organic advertising as well as simply raising brand awareness. The RE/MAX Stickers are changing the intensity that surrounds the exhausting process of searching, securing, and purchasing a home. Proud homebuyers now have a fun way to showcase their accomplishments. After-all, buying a home – likely the largest financial transaction a person will ever make – should be chock-full of happy memories on behalf of superb customer service from agents.

Strategy and Execution

In launching the RE/MAX Sticker Collection, RE/MAX, LLC’s in-house Social Media Team worked dynamically with Camp+King for timely delivery of assets backed by supporting materials for optimization of consumer engagement. Preparation and launch were executed in a short timeframe of two months, delivering the sticker collection direct to consumers in August of 2019. Stickers were first launched at RE/MAX’s Broker Owner Conference (BOC), the largest real estate broker event of the year and a strategic location for the targeted consumer audience, educating brokers on how to optimize stickers day-to-day.

RE/MAX is the first real estate brand to deliver digital messaging assets for agents and clients. RE/MAX followed no footsteps in launching this product; the sticker collection is authentic and dynamic, showing the adaptability of the age-old industry into contemporary communications.

What makes the approach to this launch unique is that RE/MAX fashioned a product that consumers were not, and still are not, offered by competitors; the concept of stickers was birthed from social media experts identifying a gap in a niche marketplace and utilizing their knowledge of consumer trends to create an a desirable product to fill it. The RE/MAX, LLC Social Media Team collaborated with Camp+King in the production of garnering excitement pre-launch for the stickers, creating buzz across social media channels by teasing the content, pioneering product launch at the annual RE/MAX BOC, and ultimately, launching to the public for free. Variety in consumer use began immediately post-launch, with agents sending decorated texts to clients, homebuyers sharing their success in using a RE/MAX agent, and even RE/MAX employees simply celebrating their place of work. Agents of competitive brands have even used RE/MAX stickers in their social media promotion; a blatant signal to competitors to produce a similar product. Despite this, RE/MAX still stands alone with real estate-branded sticker content.

The RE/MAX Sticker collection was crafted on the principle of inclusivity. To be an accessible product, the stickers can be used individually or downloaded as a complete package free of cost. The sticker pack is a tool that could be used by any member of the homebuying process: agent, buyer, and seller alike. Regardless of whether you’re a long-time agent or a first-time homebuyer, there are stickers to help celebrate victories all the way from “sale” to “sold.”

The outcome of this product launch was successful in the form of increased celebration via social media. Sticker users haven’t been shy; comments across RE/MAX social channels have received an overwhelmingly positive sentiment, including thoughtful remarks like this one agent saying, “I used [a RE/MAX sticker] today and my client was impressed, and said it was ‘MAGIC’ in all caps! We’ve made an impression!!” In a day in age where social media is susceptible to toxicity, it is humbling to deliver on a product that enhances peoples’ perception of the digital community and leaves positive impressions.


Statistics surrounding the success of the RE/MAX Sticker Collection include:

During launch week, the article about RE/MAX Stickers on ABOVE, the RE/MAX news site, was the top viewed story with over 11,500 page views.

The 9 social media posts announcing the launch of the RE/MAX Stickers to our network resulted in:


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