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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Schitt's Creek GIFs and Stickers

Winner in GIFs


The first objective has always been to engage the Schitt's Creek fandom. But we also wanted to create GIFs that anyone can use to express themselves in whichever situation they may find themselves.

Strategy and Execution

Taking the best one-liners, facial expressions, snapbacks and everything in between, we created GIFs that are funny and relatable. Now with almost 4,000 that fit that description, every time a Schitt's Creek GIF is used it should help raise awareness for our show with those that don't know it, and remind fans of the reasons they already love the show.

With the advent of GIPHY Stickers, we took to creating more of the same, but in sticker form — helping raise awareness for a whole new audience on Instagram and Snapchat.

Each week during the season, we took the best GIFs from the latest episode and created a GIPHY Story, with those being featured on the GIPHY homepage every week, exposing us to millions of potential new GIF users. We also used these GIPHY Stories to highlight the best stickers and some special days, like Catherine O’Hara’s birthday.

To take things a step further, anyone can request a GIF from Schitt’s Creek — just ask us on Twitter! Over the past year, we’ve created over 250 new GIFs that the fandom had been craving.


You could say that GIFs now somewhat define Schitt's Creek. At the forefront of today’s Internet language, we’re incredibly proud that our ever-expanding GIF library is a huge part of it. With billions of views (our channel topped 8 billion in 2019), if you know Schitt’s Creek or not, the range of expressions means there’s always a perfect GIF for the situation, whether you're Lin-Manuel Miranda,, kicking off a viral thread sure to be seen by millions, or just texting your friends and family.

On Instagram and Snapchat, fans new and old are using our stickers to express themselves, where they've seen millions upon millions of views.

Most popular GIF of 2019: What are we supposed to do now?! (105m views)

Most popular sticker: Yes! (195m views)


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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)


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