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PED Refresh

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In today’s digital age, we know our customers want banking to be simple, seamless and invisible, so that you can spend time on the people and things you care about. Recognising this, we’ve spent the last few years reimagining banking. And now, we believe the time has come to truly embody a new kind of banking.


  1. Making banking SIMPLE


  1. Making banking CONVENIENT

The Daily$ accumulated in customer’s card account can be redeemed at multiple touchpoints, with new channels being introduced to provide enhanced flexibility and choice:


  1. Making banking SEAMLESS

All-in-one Card: The POSB Everyday Card can be used as an ATM Card for cash withdrawals, a Credit Card for daily essentials spend and transport rides.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

From January to July 2019, we extended the Dining tactical campaign (up to 15% cash rebates on Dining), on the back of double digits category spend growth results attributed to this campaign. (Refer to video link)

With the success of the Dining campaign, and in line with the spirit of bringing value and saving to every part of our customers’ daily life, we expanded the scope of the tactical cash rebates programme to encompass transport and electricity spending; up to 15% cash rebates on Dining, Transport and Utilities.

*NEW* A brand new cardface was launched for the POSB Everyday Card on 01 August 2019, together with the new accelerated cash rebates campaign.

*NEW* In addition, unlike traditional credit cards spend campaigns whereby all customers are issued with a standardised spend criteria, we are able to utilise data analytics to create the first hyper-personalised campaign at a card product level. We recognise that with such a large customer base (of over half a million), a homogenous approach could not address the needs of different customer segments. Instead, customers are issued personalised spend goals and rebate cap based on their past spend behaviour to achieve realistic and achievable spend lift.

*NEW* To ensure a seamless customer journey, customers can register for the campaign, track their eligible spend against their personalised spend goals, and track the accelerated rebates they earned via the DBS Lifestyle App. For customers who are not inclined to download mobile apps, registration can also be done via the POSB website which has a direct API linkage to the app registration counter.

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DBS Bank