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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

“No Matter What”

Entered in Pharma & Healthcare


Over the past ten years, those suffering from atopic dermatitis (AD), a form of chronic eczema, have lacked access to innovative treatment options. DUPIXENT AD marks the first – and currently only – a biologic treatment designed to treat AD through the administration of an injection.

As a first-to-market treatment for AD, DUPINEXT faced two major challenges – first, low societal understanding of AD and, secondly, low brand awareness of DUPINEXT and its benefits. DUPIXENT needed to solidify its place in the market, especially considering it has several big competitors coming down the pipeline in early 2020.

Havas Media and the client’s research uncovered that many people living with AD think of it as “just a skin condition.” Shame – coupled with a tendency to think of eczema as an intermittent skin condition rather than a chronic, inflammatory disease – prevented these people talking about it. Leveraging these insights, Havas Media worked with DUPIXENT to raise awareness around AD and the brand.

Strategy and Execution

Havas Media, Arnold and DUPIXENT created “No Matter What,” a campaign that built a connection with moderate-to-severe eczema patients. It demonstrated the struggles of living with AD, emphasizing how DUPIXENT can help by bringing real patients to the forefront. Using a multi-touchpoint media approach, Havas Media succeeded in reaching the brand’s niche audience in relevant and engaging environments, ultimately leading patients to ask their doctors for DUPIXENT.


Executional specifics include:


“No Matter What” TV increased awareness of DUPIXENT by 5% by the end of 2018. The DTC campaign launch and increased Search presence drove a 60% increase in site traffic, while the TV launch helped accelerate sales growth by 25% in the first two months, leading to an overall sales volume of 50% by year-end. Havas Media’s work increased registrations for patient support by 40% and garnered overall positive reactions from eczema sufferers. Over 50,000 people saw an improvement from the product, with one patient tweeting: “If you want to know what I’m feeling, watch this commercial.”


Video for “No Matter What”

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Havas Media, Dupixent

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