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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

moments that matter: however you make it, make it f'real

Finalist in TikTok Partnership


Goal: Increase f'real Brand Awareness and Amplify Brand Engagement 

f’real started producing its own relevant and engaging branded content on TikTok in-house after observing that one of the platform's organic trends, #frealmilkshake, was taking over the "For You" Page. TikTok quickly emerged as a testing ground to increase awareness among the brand's target Gen Z demographic. 

f’real leaned into its initial organic traction on TikTok and partnered with Mavrck to better understand the influencer marketing potential behind the rapidly growing, short-form video platform and its expanding Gen Z audience. Knowing that Gen Z despises ads and with the understanding that trends on TikTok happen moment-by-moment, f'real tasked TikTok's high-energy, self-expressing Creators to further drive brand awareness and integrate f’real into their moments that matter. By allowing Creators to express their own authentic styles and creativity, f'real also aimed to differentiate from other brands on the platform that used strict content guidelines, prescribed themes, and challenges. 

Strategy and Execution

However You Make It, Make It #freal 

f’real engaged Mavrck’s strategic services and extensive influencer platform capabilities to execute a series of TikTok campaigns to reach their target Gen Z demographic, who comprise 69% of TikTok users. 

In the same way that f'real puts the power in consumers' hands to create sensational smoothies however they want, TikTok uniquely puts the power into Creators' hands to express themselves. Each campaign was centered around leveraging TikTok’s viral nature and energetic, self-expressive Creators from a wide variety of topics to promote f’real milkshakes and smoothies in fun and unexpected ways.

To maximize brand awareness, f'real wanted to integrate the brand as seamlessly as possible with TikTok's feed and algorithm. Mavrck leaned strategically on TikTok’s Creator Marketplace to identify verified and popular Creators (range 200k - 7M followers) across topics who were trending among TikTok's core GenZ/Young Millennial user base. Encouraged to tap into TikTok’s trending meme content, life hacks, dance challenges, sounds, and topics at the moment of content creation, f’real instructed Creators to capture f’real in a moment that mattered. 


The Moments That Matter

Activating 39 verified and popular Creators on TikTok resulted in 21.4M impressions, 7.8M engagements (420% above Mavrck's TikTok campaign benchmarks), 36.45% average engagement rate (58% above Mavrck's TikTok Creator benchmarks), and $0.82 average CPM (35% less, compared to $1.27 CPM for f'real's paid social ads from 2019).

Among the highlights, three videos in this campaign reached viral-levels of reach and engagement, each video garnering over 1.5M likes. TikTok’s favorite Dentist, @TheBentist, shared a #lifehack video showcasing how you can still enjoy eating sweets without breaking your braces when safely blended in f’real smoothie. @TheBentist’s TikTok video generated over 14M views, 3.3M likes and is among the most clicked hashtag #ads on TikTok to-date. It remains the highest engaged TikTok video under hashtag #ad, above popular creators and other large brands investing on the platform. The campaign also resulted in the verification of @therealfreal TikTok account. 

Q4 2019 Overall Campaign Results: 



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f'real Foods, Mavrck


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