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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Moen Pinterest: Designed by Water

Finalist in Pinterest

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Nowhere showcases the sea of sameness that is the home fixtures category more than Pinterest. A search for ‘Bathroom Remodel Ideas’ offers up a never-ending scroll of staged, lifeless vanities. ‘Kitchen Faucets’ serves up impractical and often indistinguishable product knockouts. While first-time home buyers look to the platform for interesting, on-trend, and helpful ideas to bring their dream homes to life, the content around kitchen and bathroom fixtures hasn’t been delivering. Our audience didn’t need a digital replica of a cluttered hardware store aisle – they needed novel inspiration to help them craft a home as unique as they are.

We knew we could elevate this experience for our audience, and distinguish Moen from the category’s sea of sameness. Our challenge was to extend Moen’s brand message into Pinterest in a platform-specific, human-centric, and unmistakably Moen way. How can we make people think differently about water, and the fixtures in their home, while giving first-time homeowners the tools and inspiration they’re looking for when perusing Pinterest and planning renovations? 

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In 2018, Moen asked a simple question: If water designs our life, who designs for water? We’d been trusted to deliver durable and stylish faucets and fixtures for over 80 years, but with water becoming more and more important in our world and in culture, we saw the opportunity to shift our focus from how many products we sell to how much water we serve – a staggering 1.5 trillion gallons flowing through Moen products each year. We realized we’re more than plumbing experts – we’re water experience experts. And we knew if we could get people to think differently about water, they’d think differently about Moen. While the category was lost in a sea of sameness, Moen started a new conversation about something more meaningful – the very thing that carves out our cities, shapes where we live, and anchors our daily routines: water.

On Pinterest, we wanted to capture our audience’s attention in the early stages of planning their kitchen and bath renovations. We knew this journey often begins with sourcing high-level inspiration on the platform, starting with color schemes and thematic ideas. So we asked another question: who is a better interior decorator than Mother Nature herself? We decided to bring the ultimate inspiration of our water-designed natural world to our audience on Pinterest, and thus the Designed by Water video series was born. 

We selected images of nature that had been uniquely designed by water (winding rivers, tranquil rocky beaches), matched them with the beautiful kitchens and bathrooms they’d inspired, and pulled out a functional color palette to deliver pins that were as unique as they were useful. They were designed to disrupt the Pinterest feed with thumb-stopping visuals, and delight users with unexpected inspiration. Strategic interest and keyword targeting ensured we reached homeowners at the beginning of their remodel journey, prompting them to consider how their interactions with water, and the fixtures that facilitate them, are the cornerstones of the home and our world.


Simply put, the Designed by Water series was our top-performing video content on Pinterest to-date. It garnered over 14 million impressions and 8 million video views across paid and earned reach, and outperformed historical benchmarks across the board, including: 

Not only did the video series capture our audience’s attention in the Pinterest feed, they were saved to over 1,000 boards with titles like ‘Coastal Kitchen,’ ‘Dream Home,’ and ‘Guest Bathroom Remodel,’ proving they provided the actionable inspiration our audience was looking for to realize their vision for their home. Additionally, the videos drove over 26,000 visits to product pages on the Moen site.


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Havas Chicago, Moen


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