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Michelob ULTRA Influencer Marketing Program

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Use the roster of ULTRA Ambassadors to spread the Michelob ULTRA mantra to reach the following goals:

Strategy and Execution

Michelob ULTRA’s strategy is to enable people to reimagine the wellness world. Since 2017, we’ve brought that to life through a roster of influencers who authentically live a fit and fun lifestyle. We look for those who pursue health and happiness in equal measure and enjoy drinking beer as part of an active lifestyle. While a strong presence on Instagram is a must, our partners are influential off the feed as gatekeepers in their wellness community. This year, our program was bigger, better and broader than ever before. Our ambassadors are more than just content creators but consultants for the brand from new products to enhancing consumer events.

To build a mutually beneficial relationship, influencers are contracted to a one-year agreement that specifies monthly content deliverables, events and production days. Influencers receive monthly beer deliveries, access to photographers, personalized fitness gear and in-real-life experiences to engage a local audience. We work together to craft unique active and social extensions to engage followers in new and exciting ways.

Our year-long ambassadors:

  1. Shawn Booth, Bachelorette winner, owns BoothCamp, Nashville gym
  2. Dale Moss, New York City based model and host
  3. Kenny Santucci, owns New York City based cross-fit studio, Solace
  4. Matt Triplett, Professional Bull Rider
  5. Caitlyn Milligan, New Orleans fitness instructor
  6. Caley Alyssa, Los Angeles yoga instructor
  7. Erica Marie, Chicago fitness instructor
  8. April Sutton, Chicago fitness instructor and Hollywood stunt-woman
  9. Mellie Cay, Los Angeles lifestyle influencer, running enthusiast
  10. Blair Wheeler, North Carolina based golf and surf enthusiast
  11. Luke Milton, owns Training Mate, Los Angeles HIIT studio
  12. Janet Jones, creator of VIXEN workout
  13. Cyndi Ramirez, founder of ChillHouse
  14. Kelia Moniz, Professional surfer
  15. Carmen Morgan, Houston based fitness consultant
  16. Paola Marquez, lifestyle influencer
  17. Chi Pham, San Francisco lifestyle and nutrition influencer
  18. Dean Karnazes, Ultra Marathoner
  19. Adam Rosante, Nutritionist and personal trainer
  20. Leah Stroud, Professional skier


2019 results include the following:

IRI reported this year that Michelob ULTRA is now the second best selling beer brand in the U.S., after growing dollar sales 16.7% to $2.3 billion showing that our influencers helped drive trial and purchase.



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