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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Viral Twitter coverage by Al Jazeera English - #HowToSellAMassacre

Entered in Twitter


- Use Twitter to break the story of our undercover investigation into the US and Australian gun lobby


- Go viral through effective story telling using platform friendly formats


- Become number one trending hashtag in Australia 


- Increasing brand recognition and awareness


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Strategy and Execution

- Effectively using a Twitter Thread for an exclusive presentation of the information and provide the key elements in a social-friendly and easy-to-understand manner


-  Utilising various engaging social assets, including social cards, clips and images, to make the information accessible and easy to follow


- Creating a branded hashtag #HowToSellAMassacre and effectively using it to boost exposure and engagements around the content


- Publishing during a peak time for our target audience 


- Improve the visibility of the content on Twitter to be used by Twitter Moments Australia on their official account


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- Soon after publishing the Twitter Thread, #HowToSellAMassacre became the top trend in Australia and the fourth worldwide.


- ‘Al Jazeera’ was among the top trending keywords in Australia shortly after the Twitter thread was published.


- Twitter Moments Australia curated a landing page using our Twitter thread.


- We received over 22,000 total engagements on the Twitter thread alone.


- We received over 1 million views on the videos published within the Twitter thread.


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Video for Viral Twitter coverage by Al Jazeera English - #HowToSellAMassacre

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Al Jazeera Digital, Al Jazeera Media Network