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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

GiftNow - The Exchange

Silver Honor in Storytelling


GiftNow takes the headache and anxiety out of gift-giving. Consumers use it to text or email gifts in minutes—all without knowing the recipient’s shipping address. Because of the service they provide, the GiftNow button has become a fixture on checkout pages of sites like Target, Uniqlo, Coach and more.

They came to us with a challenge, though—they wanted to see more traffic on their own website. Instead of just being a utility on other retailer’s sites, GiftNow wanted to create a bustling ecommerce hub where people could shop for all of their favorite brands. With this in mind, we set out to make a video that would increase awareness of their product and drive traffic to

Strategy and Execution

There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with gift giving: What if they don’t like it? What if it’s the wrong size? What if it doesn’t ship in time? Because of this anxiety, every year tens of thousands of people get cold feet when gifting.

GiftNow removes all of these barriers between generous thought and generous action, which was the core idea behind “The Exchange”. To fully illustrate this insight, we crafted a love story about two people with all kinds of obstacles between them—distance, time, circumstance, etc. The climax of the story showed that all of these obstacles (and more) weren’t actually obstacles at all with GiftNow. The story’s resolution then depends on the titular exchange feature, which ultimately saves the day.

With GiftNow, gift-givers can send e-gifts in seconds without a shipping address and recipients can exchange or modify gifts before they ship—sparing them the hassle of a returns process.  It’s a big win for gift-givers and gift-getters, and for retailers who leave money on the table every year.


“The Exchange” was an overall success, holding a completion rate of 72.9% across all digital media. Not only did the majority of viewers watch the spot through, but there was also a subsequent 1,950% increase in traffic to We were proud to have made a spot that engaged the audience, informed them and inspired them to try this great service for themselves.


Video for GiftNow - The Exchange

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Gold Front, GiftNow

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