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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Fenty Beauty on Twitter

Finalist in Twitter Presence


Fenty Beauty has built one of the most notable and strongest presences on Twitter as we've continued to own our humorous and relatable tone as one of the most engaging and known brands in Twitter culture. We wanted to show people that a beauty brand can too be fun by creating viral memes, participating in big pop culture moments, interacting with celebrities and other brands, and celebrating and encouraging our diverse community of followers. Where many brands struggle to deliver and nail down having a voice on Twitter that feels less like a brand and more like your funny friend you follow, we wanted to break through and further our Twitter presence by breaking through with major culturally relevant moments nonstop.

Strategy and Execution

In 2018 we rapidly grew and became noticed on Twitter as a brand that shocked everybody with our sassy, savage, and fun voice, and in 2019 we leveled up by bringing in more fans, more fun, and more spunky energy.

When it comes to memes, we got ‘em! We aren’t afraid to take it there by letting our personality shine through as a cool and real brand. Our sense of humor is something we know how to own and so when it came to trending memes, we were quick to hop on. We kept it relevant to our followers and brought in new unexpected ones who just enjoy a good dose of trending jokes and shade.  

We brought humor in unexpected ways that shocked our audience and made them stan even harder. For Valentine’s Day, we announced a new lip paint shade with internet sensation “Super Bitch” who took Twitter by storm with his fierce moves in hot pink boots. Even though people didn’t see it coming, they knew it was a perfect fit – a saucy bad bih moment that was funny and a true testament to how we keep ‘em on their toes!

Some of the biggest celebrities were even tweeting about us. Ariana Grande dropped hints about singing about our brand on her album, Megan Thee Stallion shouted out how she keeps her face looking flawless, and even World Cup champion Jessica MacDonald says we’re how she stayed looking fly on the field. The Twitter streets were raving and excited that other dope celebrities support and slay in Fenty Beauty. 

When it comes to the biggest pop culture moments, we were always prepared to jump in on the conversation. We made sure not to miss out on the iconic end to “Game of Thrones” by creating our own throne-worthy meme. America’s big football game was the perfect time for us to create a commercial parody. We even had our own trending event on Twitter Moments with tweets from our Fenty Beauty party with Rihanna and top global beauty influencers.

We grew our community and strengthened their affinity by highlighting our diverse Fenty Family on a routine basis. They loved participating in our weekly Fenty Face Friday tweets showcasing their Fenty Beauty looks and we kept the compliments going for National Compliment Day. We showed them even more love by surprising and delighting them with gifts of appreciation and giveaways for some of our biggest launches. Needless to say, the love is mutual, and we prove to always stand by our beauties.


Our Twitter grew to over half a million followers and is credited as fans as best-in-class marketing and a team that everybody wants in on that has been widely hailed as unmatched and undefeated. We have been featured on Teen Vogue, Billboard, Allure, and BET for some of our most viral Twitter moments. We didn’t just trend— we made a community of advocates through both press and Twitter users who feel a real and relatable connection to our brand. 

Fenty Beauty has established a conversational presence on Twitter that goes beyond our products; we have created an inclusive squad that people can come vibe with like you would with your best friends and truly nailed down our Twitter presence of what it's like to be a brand that feels relatable.


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Fenty Beauty


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