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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Feel More Like You

Audience Honor in Pharma & Healthcare


Glass Entertainment Group partnered with Upworthy and Walgreens to bring attention to Walgreen’s “Feel More Like You” campaign. The program provides beauty and pharmacy support for people suffering with cancer. The side effects of cancer treatments impact not only how an individual feels on the inside, but also how they see themselves in the mirror. Through the “Feel More Like You” program, Walgreens provides beauty consultations to help patients manage their changing skin, hair, and nails, and pharmacy consultations. Further, Walgreens provides support to its customers experiencing side effects and symptoms. Glass Entertainment Group and Upworthy set out to tell Natasha Rossi’s incredible story and showcase the benefits of this program. We wanted to share a story that could resonate with many people and show how the Feel More Like You program can help patients feel better inside and out while fighting cancer.

Strategy and Execution

When we embarked on this piece, we knew casting would be the most important element. It was imperative that we find someone whose story would resonate and who could show how accessible and necessary the program is. Natasha Rossi was the perfect candidate – a working mother who hasn’t let cancer stop her, but who is feeling the side effects of her treatments. Natasha was a beloved oncology nurse when, in January of 2019, she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, an extremely aggressive form of the disease. As Natasha went through her own treatments, her patients would comment that seeing how strong she was would encourage their own healing. But while Natasha was supporting her patients, her treatments were changing her appearance and wearing on her self-esteem – she wasn’t feeling like herself.

Natasha became our voice to educate on why the “Feel More Like You” program is important and how it can help others like her. Natasha told her story and explained how her treatments had changed the texture of her skin, that she anticipated losing her eyebrows and eyelashes, and that there were many side effects of treatments that she had not been able to mitigate. All these changes had left her feeling discouraged and unprepared. That’s where “Feel More Like You” comes in to help. The project’s strategy was to show viewers how easy it is to walk into a Walgreens location and get consultations. The beauty consultant is able to talk Natasha through adjusting her old beauty routine for a new temporary one – the new tips and tricks are “just for now”. The pharmacy consultant helps Natasha find alternative “over the counter” remedies that won’t interfere with any of her other medication.

At the end of the process, Natasha is able to share how the experience has given her exciting new things to try and that the program has helped her take one more step towards feeling like herself.


Natasha’s interview was powerful, raw, and inspirational. The b-roll we were able to capture in Walgreens captured the friendly atmosphere of the store and how easy it is to go through the consultations. We also produced a 60 second cut down of the piece for other social medial pages. The video’s comments section was full of inspiring messages and statements of hope, providing a positive dialogue around healing, beauty and joy online.


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An article about Natasha and the “Feel More Like You” program was published on May 6th, 2019 by Upworthy as an integrated media piece.


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Glass Entertainment Group, Upworthy, Walgreens


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