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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Face Forward

Finalist in Snapchat Presence

Entered in Snapchat Discover


As one of the first tutorial shows on Snapchat, FACE FORWARD pioneered the merging of narrative storytelling with a tutorial format. Our biggest challenge was leading into Season 3 when we were tasked with reformatting the show to be single-hosted and focus solely on makeup. The challenge for us was finding a way to keep the audience - who were already fans of the show - interested in returning to a brand new format without a few of their favorite hosts. Enter, ‘Master Class.’ Subtitling the show as such enabled us to keep our original fan base while expanding on the existing IP. It was a way for us to acknowledge that we have to continue to adapt in an ever changing landscape of digital short-form storytelling, but not lose sight of the brand that our fans have come to know and love and our success is proven in the numbers.

Strategy and Execution

In its third season, FACE FORWARD transforms itself into a masterclass on all things makeup where beauty guru Patrick Starrr gives kick-ass, celebrity photo-inspired makeovers to girls who are ready for a fresh start. This original series gives viewers the opportunity to watch a complete makeup tutorial from start to finish with snap-able, screenshot-able and shareable takeaways. Clear steps and concise tips animate as graphics on-screen throughout each episode, which allows viewers to follow along with or without sound. Viewers are encouraged to come back to the episode many times over to share favorite moments and try out each makeup step for themselves. As a final payoff for our audience, each episode wraps up with a slow-mo glamour photo shoot that every girl dreams of. A call-to-action card at the end of each episode encourages viewers to “swipe up to subscribe” to the series, so future episodes are displayed prominently on their Snapchat Discover pages.


Video for Face Forward

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NBCUniversal Digital Lab