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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Denim Odyssey

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We wanted to showcase our client’s revolutionary technology—the ability to turn the old into the new. Denim is made of cotton, one of the most water intensive crops. In this film we are showing the possibilities of creating new life, with the Post Consumer Waste Machine (PCW machine) That we can recycle old jeans and turn that by product into new jeans, without fresh virgin cotton. It means there are fewer landfills, more water and resources saved. It also celebrates the notion of finding ways for the present that don’t compromise the future.

Strategy and Execution

The big idea: Our team was taken in by the Post Consumer Waste Machine (PCW machine). Its revolutionary and monumental in terms of its technology, solving some of the most important problems of today (waste, landfills, water scarcity) and its size and mechanism is tremendous, almost akin to a spacecraft. It transforms and creates life, making the impossible a reality, just like space travel.

Soundtrack and filming: The song used is "Also sprach Zarathustra" composed by Richard Strauss, more commonly associated with 2001: space odyssey. 

2001: A Space Odyssey was a perfect fit, it gave it the futurism, otherworld-ly feel, as well as the drama and hopeful joyousness when it ends with a flourish and you see these beautiful bales come out miraculously.

We also have a diverse team, and there are some serious sci-fi fans.

The PCW Machine is housed in this humongous building, where both the machine, and the compacted output are stored.  The drone was the only way to capture and fully appreciate the machine’s process and give a sense of the grandeur it has. 


It got our client’s talking and excited.  Client noticed an increase in orders asking for this technology to be incorporated into their jeans.


Video for Denim Odyssey

Entrant Company / Organization Name

KaroKonnect, Artistic Fabric and Garment Industries


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