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Warner Music Group on TikTok

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Have you ever heard a song without realizing you were actually listening to it, and find yourself singing it for the rest of the week? Now invested, you search the internet for the song, find it, download it, and possibly even become a fan. Music has a powerful effect on us, and Warner Music came to the Influencer Marketing Factory with a vision that TikTok could be that first place for creative and fun music discovery. Warner Music is one of many large companies that are looking to TikTok to launch campaigns and have a long term presence in this space. Over the past few months, Warner Music reached out to The Influencer Marketing Factory to design a campaign around five artists that they wanted to see go viral: Don Patricio, Justin Quiles, Messiah, Perriando and Zion. They took a chance, launched the campaigns, and it more than exceeded expectations. 

Strategy and Execution

The goal for each song was to work with as many TikTok creators as possible, with a minimum reach of 3M combined followers. The campaign targeted viewers primarily in the U.S. (New York, LA, and Miami) as well as viewers in Mexico and Argentina. Each creator produced and posted one TikTok video and reposted it on Instagram. If you have never ventured into the highly effective world of influencer marketing, by the end of watching six creators’ unique takes on song Don Patricio’s “Contando Lunares,” you might just be convinced that it is time to launch your own campaign. Five high-performing creators dance, sing, and entertain their way through the song, and their audiences were here for it. Five influencers with a combined following of 20.2M set out to give their unique take on the song, producing a range of 15 sec clips that featured backflips, acrobatics, exciting dance moves, pranks, and comedy skits. Each creator across the five campaigns highlighted and celebrated the song with their unique touch, producing an overwhelmingly positive response. Watching these creative clips, will make you laugh, smile, and remember the songs for days. 


The Don Patricio campaign saw a whopping 4.5M collective views over the 4 weeks of the campaign. 6.2K additional videos were created with this song after the campaign launched. The campaign also achieved a 16.4M hashtag reach and 741K likes through the influencers. The Perriando campaign saw 3.6M collective views, a 6.2M hashtag reach, 520 total videos made, 6.2M hashtag reach, and 538K likes. The Justin Quiles campaign produced 1.5M collective views, an incredible 13.4K additional videos made, a 3.6M hashtag reach, 260K likes, and 1.5K shares. 4 TikTok influencers with over 16.5M total followers joined #HulaHoopChallenge that aims to promote the new song of Zion & Lennox - Sistema. Only from the initiators, the campaign was able to generate more than 5M views, 1.1M likes, 2.7K comments and 2.3K shares.

Overall, the campaign involved more than 20 TikTokers, collecting during the first three months a total of 14,741,000+ views, 26,200,000+ hashtag reach, 2,640,100 likes, 12,519 comments and 10,710 shares.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Influencer Marketing Factory, Warner Music Group