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Challenge Your Mind. Change Your Money.

Finalist in Financial Services

About this entry

Our objective in concepting and deploying the "Challenge Your Mind. Change Your Money" campaign on behalf of myWorth Finance was simple: to encourage myWorth’s audience to reframe their mindset around money so that they can fully utilize the resources myWorth Finance provides and shift the cultural conversation around money into a more positive, supportive one for women.

This campaign encouraged myWorth Finance's audience to visualize the possibilities of a life beyond a fixed money mindset, manifest their financial dreams, and ultimately challenged them to take action by downloading our Money Mindset Workbook and joining the conversation around financial wellness via our community. We measured success by impressions, reach, engagements, landing page views, community growth and leads.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

myWorth is a financial wellness publication offering actionable resources for women looking to own their financial future.

In researching myWorth's target audience of millennial women, we found some surprising facts: while this generation of women is prone to introspection, self-actualization, and experimentation, they're also plagued by some less-than-ideal financial behaviors, including financial avoidance and impulsive consumerism.

In digging deeper, we found that many of these behaviors stem from a fixed money mindset that prevents women from taking action toward a better financial future.

We asked ourselves, "how do we encourage our audience to change their fixed mindset around money and fully realize their financial potential?"

Our campaign aimed to help our audience visualize possibilities, manifest their goals, and challenged them to take action. We broke it down into three phases:


Phase 1: Visualize.

First, we introduced the concept of a fixed money mindset by presenting our audience with visuals of life beyond such a mindset. We deployed these visuals through a series of Facebook and Instagram creatives amplified by paid media.


Phase 2: Manifest.

Then, we used our ad dollars to retarget that same audience with educational website content on the negative impact of a fixed money mindset, how it can manifest and how to identify it. We supported this phase organically with a private Facebook group, providing women a secure space to work through their financial setbacks and hangups together.


Phase 3: Challenge.

Finally, we offered a downloadable "Money Mindset Workbook" with a call to action to challenge your mind and overcome a fixed money mindset through a series of simple exercises. Facebook and Instagram were our platforms of choice for this full-funnel campaign effort.


We supported our campaign efforts through a series of live event activations in New York City. Live event efforts promoted our "Visualize" and "Manifest" phases, as we invited our audience to manifest their future financial goals on paper by crafting personal money mantras and hanging them on a "Money Mantra" tree. We followed up via email post-event with our Money Mindset Workbook, to bring our experiential efforts full-circle.


Through this campaign, we set out to shift the conversations women have with each other and with themselves about their money. By addressing a taboo topic head-on, we hoped to lift the veil on financial success and dig into the mindset tactics that support a financially healthy life.

Aside from the business metrics listed below, the most important result from these efforts was the community of powerful women we cultivated who were willing to share their financial stories, ask questions, and shift the cultural conversation. Not only were these women fearless in their pursuit of financial wellness, but they were also consistent, communicative and dedicated to creating change for themselves and future generations of women.


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Wimze Digital, myWorth Finance


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