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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Beyond the Sound

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Adorama’s mission is to equip your creativity, and that’s a promise to creators of all kinds. In the video series “Beyond the Sound,” Adorama brings together musicians, videographers, and professional audio experts to break down exactly what it takes to conceptualize, shoot, and edit a live music video production. 

Created with Steven Pierce, Framework Productions, the three local New York City musical groups, the series tackles everything from gear selection to live directing, and even developing an artist’s sound, to take you behind the scenes of a full music video production.

Strategy and Execution

Music videos have redefined and upended the music industry since they first premiered decades ago, and a well-produced music video is often a centerpiece to a musician’s promotional and branding effort. 

In “Beyond the Sound,” we followed a production crew as they selected the microphones, cameras, lenses and lighting for the shoot. We tagged along with directors, sound engineers, and editors as they walked us through the often-unseen work of leading a crew and putting together final touches on an artist’s vision. And finally, we saw the musicians as they told their personal story of sound, how they’ve developed and finessed it, and how they use their instruments to tell a story. 

This nine-episode series covers all of the components of a music video shoot: 


The series garnered attention across all Adorama platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and has a total of 86,000 total views, and counting! It has also been featured in multiple blogs including Audio Media International, Studio Daily, and Digital Cinema Society since it first launched in October 2019, opening Adorama’s expertise to brand new audiences. 


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