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Best Fiends

Finalist in Games

About this entry

Even 5 years after its debut, Best Fiends, brought to you by the mobile-first entertainment company, Seriously Digital Entertainment, remains in the top echelon of mobile games. Through monthly game updates, industry-leading marketing, content creation, and a super engaged community, Best Fiends continues to stay top of mind and top of the app stores accumulating over 100 million downloads and up to 2 million active players daily.

With new games popping up in app stores every day, the team at Seriously continues to keep Best Fiends relevant by treating their original game as a service. Not only do they constantly update the game adding in new events, challenges, characters, and levels, but they also have a dedicated YouTube channel with engaging content featuring their beloved characters and a dedicated community of over 3.5mm followers across social media. 

In order to keep Best Fiends a competitive and high ranking game, Seriously keeps the following objectives top of mind:

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Keep Best Fiends Fresh: Seriously has kept Best Fiends as a top game in the mobile games market by continuing the game’s addictive and enthralling storylines, featuring over 200 unique “Fiend” characters who inhabit the world of Minutia. Seriously releases consistent game updates with new puzzles and levels created for players to battle the Slugs on their way to Mount Boom. Updates include seasonal challenges that keep players coming back to see what beachy, spooky, snowy, or other new and noteworthy adventures are happening in Minutia throughout the year. What’s more, Seriously keeps adding more and more levels and lands for their fans to enjoy. Additionally, Seriously has integrated developments in user experience to make gameplay intriguing and fun-filled while avoiding technological glitches for users across ages and audiences.

Entertain Beyond the Game with Best Fiends Content: The fictional world of Minutia and its inhabitants came to life beyond the confines of the mobile game through branded animations: Visit Minutia, Best Fiends Boot Camp, Fort of Hard Knocks, Baby Slug’s Big Day Out, Howie’s Gift, Temper’s Adventure, The Immortal Cockroach, The Fight Before Christmas, and King Slug Industries. The Best Best Fiends Show, starring Kimberley Crossman, provides an inside look at each game update. Other series, including DIY with Best Fiends, Best Fiends Bites, and FienDish, share step-by-step instructions to make Best Fiends-inspired crafts and treats. Community Stories also shares inspiring stories and highlights individuals that were brought together through their shared love of Best Fiends. This wide variety of constant content keeps audiences engaged as it was integrated with in-game content.

Best Fiends is the Best Game on Social Media: Seriously treats their social media accounts like an online community. This community has become the company’s direct line to serve as a springboard for new concept testing, feedback, and even artwork creation. In turn, Seriously is able to provide its fans with the best user experience possible for Best Fiends. Seriously gives its audience something tangible to do or engage with on each of its social channels, adding value to fans through a bit of fun and entertainment each day.


Best Fiends is continually a top game not just with increasing downloads and active unique players but also with a solid social media presence and fan engagement. This is evidenced in a number of ways: 


Best Fiends taps into the trend of games as a service -- providing its fans with content to engage with both in game and out of game. Best Fiends, complete with its mobile game, animated shorts, and original content is creating a successful mobile-first entertainment franchise. 


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Seriously Digital Entertainment