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Art in the Cloud: AI & Music

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The goal of the Art in the Cloud series is to showcase Oracle as a thought leader in the emerging technology space in a creative and educational way for both technical and non-technical followers. We bring a creative-minded, “right-brain” individual to interview a “left-brain” Oracle employee on topics ranging from AI, Autonomous Database, Blockchain, and more. The Art in the Cloud series breaks down and debunks myths around emerging technologies. 

For our first episode, we brought Jennifer Johns, a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur to Oracle HQ to interview Savita Raina, Director of Oracle Cloud Product Marketing, on all things AI. Artificial Intelligence is a trending topic, and we wanted to break down AI and its potential for our followers. Using inspiration from the interview, Jennifer wrote a song around AI. Our team then produced and directed a music video for Jennifer's song, inspired by her interview. 

Through a blog co-written by Jennifer and Savita, readers found more information on AI and their conversation from their full interview. The objective of this initiative was to create conversation between technical and non-technical followers around AI, and bring greater brand association between Oracle and the inspiration behind our cloud solutions. 

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our campaign included three key components: a video interview, a blog, and a music video.

With our goal of creating conversation between our followers, we wanted to engage with an outspoken artist who was genuinely curious about AI and its potential. We paired Jennifer Johns with Savita Raina, who is well-versed in AI and emerging technology. We produced a video of their interview that highlighted the questions Jennifer had around AI.

The interview video produced would tie music and AI together. It would position Savita as a thought leader in the emerging technology space, and position Jennifer as a curious artist looking to learn and take in inspiration. We needed to utilize artistic visuals and fast-paced, stylized cuts to deliver visually-enticing content that bridges the gap between the art and science of innovation at Oracle. We developed an original introduction and incorporated engaging talking points to differentiate this series from others. Our introduction incorporated a right brain and left brain animation, to introduce the individuals. The left brain animation introduced Savita with a drop-down of left brain traits: analytical, logical, and strategic. The right brain animation introduced Jennifer with a drop-down of right brain traits: creative, intuitive, and artistic. 

From the conversation, the biggest takeaway Jennifer learned after interviewing Savita was that AI is all about being a part of the conversation and “showing up.” We need to ensure that we are feeding the right data to train the AI we implement.

Inspired by an Oracle customer, World Bee Project, who uses Oracle AI to better understand the global decline of bee populations, Jennifer wrote a song about mobilizing people together to build a community and be a part of the AI conversation. 

We produced Jennifer's music video for the song, "Victorious," to illustrate the conversation from Jennifer’s perspective. The music video showed youth in Oakland coding and mobilizing others to join them to help solve world hunger. As kids coded, bees emerged from their devices to follow them along the journey. 

The video interview was developed to grab a viewer’s interest to learn more. We incorporated a blog co-written by Savita and Jennifer in the post for followers to visit the Oracle website and discover more about Oracle AI and its use cases. The blog unpacked the conversation further and provided an inside look into the authentic conversation between Savita and Jennifer. 


Art in the Cloud generated 7.5M+ impressions, 11K interactions, and 163K video views across the corporate @Oracle channels. 






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