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A Fazenda

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived!”

It is with this phrase that every day, from Sunday to Sunday, the host Marcos Mion begins the broadcast of A Fazenda on the screen of Record TV. The reality show is the bigger audience of the station and it is in its 11th edition and keeps significant numbers on TV and digital. In social networks, if we consider the program's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, we have more than 3 billion impressions and more than 1 billion minutes of videos displayed on the platforms. But honestly, numbers aren't everything. What really matters is how each user, in their personal experience, is impacted by the content.

In our first challenge, we had to think about how to make TV content accessible on the internet. So we set up a hotsite where we publish snippets of the participants' 24-hour routine and provide all the exclusive content. On this site, viewers and netizens can also vote to save someone from elimination (and there is even a QR Code on the TV screen that redirects directly to that vote) and choose options that directly affect the day to day life of the confined participants. The Power of the Flame is chosen through the site and impacts participants' game strategy, but there are also small decisions, such as the theme of the week's party. All in the hands of netizens.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

No other Brazilian TV show is as connected as A Fazenda. We, as a team, have created the strategy to reach every possible platform where Record TV's audience is. In addition to the content already available on TV, we have created new products. We have a host just for the digital world of A Fazenda and, before the reality premiered on TV, he featured a series of videos that we call the Memes Museum. Fazenda is the largest producer of Brazilian TV memes and we gathered everything that happened in the past seasons, like a museum, in a video just to help internet users remember these iconic moments of the reality. This host also presents the Fazenda News weekly, a news show of the confinement week which gets a special touch of humor.

Even before the reality premiered on TV, we had a warm up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, which would be our four main tools until the end of the edition. With the show airing, Twitter has become a major ally. Throughout the 7 days of the week we do live tweeting in real time with snippets of the show itself on the Twitter timeline, where we also interact with the netizens who follow our show. The best tweets appear on the TV screen during live, plus an avatar wall, where everyone who uses our hashtag can see their photos on the TV screen. We also let our public know on TV when our hashtag reaches the Brazilian and worldwide trendings topics. At the end of the program, we selected the top 3 tweeters, presenting their accounts in a rank.

On Facebook, we release strategically designed snippets to go viral, in addition to the exclusive content described above. In Instagram, the idea was to create a more informal and funny space for followers. In the feed, we publish excerpts as well, but our greatest strength lies in custom memes, which have their own visual identity and is always the audiences favorite. In the stories, we shared quizzes about the show, Farmer's Test spoilers (test that defines who is immune to elimination in the week) and Mion's Diary, where the host, Marcos Mion, shows the audience his routine related to the program.

On Youtube, we also hit nice numbers. There we share our videos and provide a reality podcast, as well as exclusive content, with "What did he say vs. What did he want to say?", in which our digital host tries to interpret what the confined, in fact, want to talk about in the competition. 

Last but not least, we also have the live with the week’s eliminated Farmer. The day after the elimination, the person who left the confinement participates in a live broadcast on all these cited platforms, and answers questions asked by netizens. This live is conducted by our digital host and has the participation of youtubers from the Brazilian WebTV channel.


Considering the data between the program's debut (September 17) and December, we have 3,617,370,551 impressions considering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. On Twitter, we recorded our hashtag 696 times on Trending Topics Brazil and 101 times on the world. On Youtube, we had 23 videos up during the analyzed period and more than 700K minutes, with more than 2 million impressions.

In the lives of the eliminated, considering Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, we reached almost 10 million people and about 61 million minutes shown on YouTube. At the Museu dos Memes, we had over 2 million hits just on Instagram.


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Record TV