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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

WWE gives Instagram presence a body slam

Finalist in Graphics


The goals of WWE's Instagram page are to inform, entertain and engage with WWE fans by using every tool specific to the Instagram platform, telling stories each week in the most colorful and interactive way possible. In 2018, WWE's dedicated team of digital designers and photo editors took that goal to another level by orchestrating a complete overhaul of the graphical presence throughout WWE's main Instagram posts and Stories.

By conceiving and executing new design concepts to pair with our editorial team's original ideas, WWE's design team sought to increase both followers of the page and total engagements for each post or Story. Given the majority of WWE's in-ring programming takes place in the evenings a few nights per week, the aim was to supplement the latest news, backstage photos and videos with fresh, exclusive, eye-popping content to keep fans glued to the brand throughout any lulls in the action.

Strategy and Execution

Standing out amid Instagram users' cluttered feeds is a daunting task, so our design team utilizes high-quality photography and splashes of bright colors at every turn. On a weekly basis, our passionate content editors develop a variety of ideas — infographics, polls, collages, Q&As and even digital Superstar posters — then our design team makes those ideas come to life in vibrant fashion.

WWE looks to use every tool in the Instagram toolbox by also featuring swipe-able galleries and highly-produced Instagram Stories multiple times a week. Much of the content posted to WWE's main Instagram page cannot be accessed on any other social platform, which creates a "catch it here or you'll miss it" appeal among the fanbase.

The production that goes into each WWE Instagram Story is a remarkable feat of teamwork, with the social, content, graphics and video teams (typically in groups of 4 or 5 editors combined) working cooperatively to weave together a compelling series of slides. Keeping WWE fans tapping through an entire Instagram Story is tough to achieve, especially as video elements have become shorter and quicker in execution across social media, but WWE's team has done just that on a consistent basis, with upwards of 10 million total views per Story and 600,000 average views per slide. As a result of this consistency, WWE has routinely topped 75 million total views for each week of Instagram Stories.



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