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The Brunswick Four

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About this entry

Egale launched the#HearOurStory project in order to bring to light the complex issues and impassioned people of the Canadian LGBTQI2S community.

This #HearOurStory features Sue Wells of The Brunswick Four, a group of 4 Lesbians who were evicted from The Brunswick House Tavern for singing a song. A historic moment.

The objective of this project is to share this historical Canadian moment of Queer activism in an engaging format as Queer History is not wildly shared.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The strategy of this project is a slow play. A quality over quantity approach on bringing recognition to the many struggles of the LGBTQI2S community; both past and present. There is no easy fix. There is no magic number of impressions a campaign might receive in order to be considered a success.

Together we are the voice. Every single Tweet, View, Share, Mention and Content Production work together to create a collaborative voice to share this story for the LGBTQI2S community.

With a very limited budget we utilized a mixed media approach to keep the short informative and engaging for viewers of all ages.

Our work is unique as these stories, particularly from a participants point of view, have not been collected and developed into engaging and sharable short videos.


This production was the only historical LGBTQI2S content funded by the Toronto Foundation to Celebrate Canada's 150.

The LGBTQI2S community has rallied behind this production with notable community members sharing the film with their networks.

The production was shared with the Prime Minister of Canada, Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, and 300 distinguished attendees during Egale's Gala & Conference and is also shared with Ontario educators to use in their classrooms when speaking about Queer History, we estimate that those have resulted in hundreds of additional views.

Lastly, we are especially proud of the diversified team that created this piece; members of the community on the creative team, Egale Canada, The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and Sue Wells.


Video for The Brunswick Four

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Plastik Films, Egale Canada Human Rights Trust


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