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SkinMedica® LUMIVIVE Launch

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What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the natural spectrum of light generated by the sun, but it is also reflected from our cell phone screens, computers, televisions, street lights, billboard screens and even fluorescent and LED lights. Similar to the effects of the sun, blue light exposure can inhibit antioxidants from entering the skin and increase free radical damage, resulting in visible signs of aging, such as dark spots, pigmentation and loss of elasticity. And blue light penetrates deeper than some forms of ultraviolet light, down into the third layer of the skin, where it accelerates the visible signs of aging.

Why it's a problem?

People around the world, spend an average of two hours and fifteen minutes per day on social media. The average American looks at their phone 47 times a day and spends about 10 hours a day in front of a screen.

Less screen time isn't the only answer though – pollution is also causing similar damage to the skin. According to the American Lung Association, there are 133.9 million Americans exposed to unhealthy air pollution, and per the World Health Organization (WHO) Ambient Air Quality Guidelines, 92% of the population is living in an area where outdoor pollution exceeds WHO guidelines.

Strategy and Execution

The Solution

The SkinMedica® LUMIVIVE™ System is an innovative skincare system designed with two distinct formulas - one to protect against blue light and other environmental aggressors during the day and another to recharge the skin's essential repair process at night.

Lippe Taylor was tasked with introducing the new system to priority media and influencers, and educating them on the damage that blue light and pollution has on the skin.


Educate top media and social media influencers on the effects of blue light and pollution

Generate awareness for new launch through media and social media

Excel as the only blue light protection beauty product to offer 24-hour protection


Host Launch Event for media and influencers

oIn October, 48 top-tier media and influencers gathered at New York City's Lightbox Studio to learn about the effects of blue light and pollution and celebrate the launch of the new SkinMedica® LUMIVIVE™ System. The event featured a 360° immersive digital stage that brought the impact of blue light and pollution to life for attendees as well as the need to protect skin from environmental stressors. Dr. Mona Gohara introduced attendees to the benefits of LUMIVIVE™ and discussed how the innovative technology works day and night to protect and repair skin. Following Dr. Gohara's remarks, attendees moved to an urban garden space for a 20-minute meditation designed to "revitalize" the mind and drive the restorative benefits of LUMIVIVE™ . Event décor featured a variety of branded and unbranded visual elements to drive social sharing using the hashtag #GetThatGlow

Generate initial awareness through press release distribution.

Distribute product to top media and influencers through a custom box delivery highlighting importance of day and night formulation.

Host media and influencer event to generate social content and bring priority message points to life.

Partner with nationally recognized HCP to delivery messaging and emphasize the impact the aggressors have on the skin.


115 million + earned media impressions

–Over 300M including press release

3.4 million social media reach

91K+ social media engagements

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Lippe Taylor, SkinMedica®