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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Wendy Sue Swanson

Nominated in Health & Wellness

About Wendy Sue Swanson

“Alexa, open flu doctor.” Seattle mom, celebrity pediatrician, podcaster, news contributor and digital influencer Wendy Sue Swanson is using media and her voice to help improve public safety. The active educator on social media @SeattleMamaDoc and @mamadocmed, and author behind the Seattle Children's Hospital blog “Seattle Mama Doc,” Wendy offers parenting guidance, news and innovation for families and the medical community, discussing all things pediatric from spanking and Halloween safety to firearm suicide. A leading tech influencer as The Chief of Digital Innovation @SeattleChildren, Wendy built and launched the 2018 Alexa “Flu Doctor” in partnership with @bostonchildrens to provide #vaccineswork influenza education. Bolstering her social outreach with in-home smart speaker tips, Wendy is paving the way for #digitalhealth and #whyivax, helping to cut through the online-saturated misinformation and provide easily accessible, medically-approved advice for proactive parenting.

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