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Queer Eye Season 1 + 2 Campaign

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Queer Eye, seemingly overnight, captured the hearts of millions and sparked a movement of self-love and compassion across the globe. Our social campaign strived to reflect this community and foster positivity and motivation. To the fandom, we are the ultimate Queer Eye fan, an extension of the Fab 5, and the motivational, overly-positive bff-you've-always-wanted.

For our social campaign, we aimed to be the number one community hub for Queer Eye; we gave fans exclusive looks into the worlds of the Fab 5, offered updates on their beloved heroes (the show's make-better subjects), supplied them with the affirmations they deserved, and creatively expanded the Queer Eye universe to touch the hearts of millions!

Why does this entry deserve to win?

To embody the persona of the ultimate Queer Eye fan, we wanted to ensure our strategy and creative content matched the overly-positive, "I'm not crying, you're crying" ethos of the show. We wanted each of our posts to spark joy, promote self-love, and celebrate the gorgeous humans featured on the show!

Our day-to-day content ignited fans with its positive messaging. From our daily morning motivation clips and bespoke merchandise, to hero carousels and Fab 5's editorial highlights, our fans were constantly being introduced to new and exciting content. We also were always on the lookout for reactive moments to exercise our distinct positive commentary across the internet.

Beyond our regular evergreen content, the social team worked behind the scenes with heroes to provide exclusive updates to the world. For example, we were the first to announce to the world that two of the subjects in the show were engaged— a message that spread widely on social media and earned press. If there was a wedding, meetup, or brunch it was our imperative that fans found out first through us!

Some of our best performing posts and exemplary work came through our effort to expand the world of Queer Eye. For National Avocado Day, we created a children's storybook about a bruised avocado named Ava that was afraid to tackle the world. Our video of Jonathan Van Ness painting like Bob Ross, spread across the internet, received attention from celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and even ended up in a museum in NYC!


We were equally astounded with the popularity of the show as we with the reception of our social pages! Within the first 6 months of show launch, we gained over one million new followers, the fourth Netflix show to ever cross this threshold!

Our social pages became a hub of social positivity, with fans responding to each other in kindness and each becoming mini-ambassadors of the Queer Eye ethos. Truly the most wholesome fan base in the entire world wide web.

Our community fell in love with our inspirational posts, obsessed over our custom video content, and were left gagging over any new deets from our heroes! It seemed like with everything we posted, we garnered attention from fans and celebs alike!

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