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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Prime Student #DoU

Entered in Organic Promotion

About this entry

Fuse was tasked with creating a back to school campaign on Instagram for Amazon Prime Student, which is a Prime membership for college students at half the cost of regular Prime.

The campaign was focused on the following key objectives:

The #DoU campaign was created to showcase the program as a practical tool that solves relatable college problems and, ultimately, to help students do more of what they care about while succeeding in college at the same time.

The #DoU campaign was driven by the following key insights into the target demographic:

Culture grafting: With the world becoming more inter-connected through technologic advancements, young people are more influenced by other cultures, creating their own niche micro-cultures and communities, and living by the motto "You do you", granting themselves and others the opportunity to be different. Implication: Prime Student should celebrate and embody Gen Z's bold, open-approach to identity, showing how Amazon's breadth of selection (physical and digital) gives customers the ability to express their individuality to the fullest.

Growing up Gritty: It is important to Gen Z to be seen as someone who bounces back from adversity well, and who is willing to defy convention. Practical intelligence increases their sense of control and self-confidence, empowering them to find solutions to work around the system. Implication: We should acknowledge this generation's resilience and independence, and position Prime Student as a practical tool that solves relatable college problems.

Show & Tell: Gen Z defines social status through expertise – not just being in the know but showing and sharing. Implication: We should empower Students to 'show off' that they are the first to know about exclusive deals and discounts, cool new movies and playlists available with Prime Student.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our strategic approach included focusing on product selection as the primary message while ensuring all content tied back to the campaign and brand positioning. In addition, the key to the campaign was to position Prime Student as a practical tool that solves relatable college problems

Campaign Overview:

You've made it to college. It's time to explore. Discover. Learn stuff.

Find new friends. Find yourself. Figure out who you really want to be.

But you'll quickly learn that with everything you have going on, sometimes it's hard to simply know which way is up.

That's why Prime Student is there to help you #DoU.

Doing more of the things you love to do+Crushing everything college throws your way

But time is precious. Distractions run rampant. Each dollar is stretched to the max. And the unexpected can rear its ugly head at the least convenient of times.

But there's good news...

As a Prime Student member, you'll get:

Thousands of deals specific to your unique college needs

An unparalleled selection of fashion, decor and essentials designed to fit your own personal style

Free 2-day shipping, guaranteed to get you out of a bind

Hours and hours of entertainment to help unwind and clear the mind

All with a six-month trial. Which means more time, more money, more variety and more flexibility, and more opportunity to "Do U."


In order to successfully execute the #DoU campaign, Fuse used insights into Gen Z and college students to develop messaging and content themes that focused on key timeframes, topics and trending products.

Instagram was chosen as the primary platform as 41% of Gen Z prefer to follow brands on this channel (The Center for General Kinetics) and it is ranked as Gen Z's second favorite platform (Piper Jaffray).

KPIs were measured throughout and content was updated as needed based on results to ensure content was consistently resonating with users.

Custom product landing pages were created to ensure that users could easily find all highlighted products showcased within the content.



A total of 80 Instagram campaign posts were shared across stories and feed resulting in:

The majority of comments on the content were students who tagged their friends to spread the word on the products showcased, resulting in authentic organic extension of the content reach.

Key learnings for the campaign showed that content and products focused more on life outside of class and micro-moments/interests showed more engagement among our audience. In addition, Instagram stories that showcased how/to and DIY content was the most engaging.

All results are organic, as no paid support or boosting was placed on this content.


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Fuse, Amazon


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