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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

MTV Decoded Season 7

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America is at a boiling point and it seems people are more divided than ever. So MTV created Decoded to bring these issues to the surface, dishing it out for our viewers in straightforward, honest language. On Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, Decoded gets to the bottom of some of America's most heated topics.

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Our fearless host, Franchesca Ramsey, brings her comedic, conversational, and brilliant perspective to some of society's biggest problems in stereotyping and discrimination. Guest hosts join her to offer their own unique perspectives related to the episode topic. Decoded never holds back and, while we have our fair share of trolls, we're informing millions of people how to rethink their behavior on race, sexuality, and the way they view the world around them. We make sure our titles are strong and the topics are identity-focused with very specific takeaways in order for people to share them. And the graphics are designed to make all of this digestible for the casual viewer. These videos are deep-dives into straightforward teachable moments.


When an episode strikes a chord on Facebook, it really goes viral. The audience also gets into fascinating conversation in the comments, as they think and talk about a lot of these issues for the first time. Decoded is consistently written up in places like Huffington Post, Bustle, and Everyday Feminism. It's a series that both connects to young people who want change in the world and is a resource for activists and teachers. We think that having these conversations legitimized by the MTV brand makes people more aware of social justice and ready for change. Already, the new generation is all about activism and Decoded is helping them understand the world around them.


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