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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Moxy Hotels Coming Out Parties

Finalist in Instagram Video


Our global brand objectives for our Coming Out parties are the following:

Drive awareness, buzz, and engagement for Moxy Hotels through influencer content and live event coverage on social media

Drive awareness for brand & brand growth

Highlight the emotional benefit of the brand – a new, playful hotel that shakes up hospitality conventions – and adapt it locally, all while staying true to the brand

Strategy and Execution

Our HALO opening strategy approach consists of focusing on a few select Moxy Hotels that are in certain feeder markets and highlighting them, in a social media lens, through our overall brand campaign PLAY ON.

PLAY ON is a call to Fun Hunters around the world to not conform to certain rules according to the setting that you're in our social norms and expectations. Whether you're at home, traveling, hanging at a bar or staying with Moxy, don't change who you are for the sake of fitting in. Moxy knows you're an individual. And wants you to express yourself freely. Go for it!

Overall, Moxy is a social media first brand. Instagram is the only social media platform we support. We are quick-witted, honest, and a to-the-point brand. We love to have fun, respect the cocktail game, and are always playful, and want to give you a space to do & be the same.

For events specifically, our core social media strategy, our social media team outsources, collaborates and works directly with a video crew to shoot a destination specific video & real-time videos during the opening party. The process usually begins about 2 months out from the opening where the theme concept is finalized, budgets are distributed to each discipline, Instagram storyboards are created with specific posting details for influencers, partners, sponsors, and the brand itself, influencer outreach & briefs are created and distributed for all parties included in the planning & execution process.

We also work with an agency to help determine our Moxy Squad of influencers to accompany us on the trip, but the influencer and social media strategy was created and sits in-house. This HALO opening strategy began in 2017 with our openings in Frankfurt East and New York - Times Square and continued into 2018 with openings in Tokyo, Amsterdam and in New York - Downtown.

Let the videos speak for themselves. Shameless @moxyhotels Instagram plug.


Our 2018 results for all 3 openings were measured by influencer impressions, organic views, and some initial paid media results.

Influencer Results:

35 total influencers (mostly micro & a few macro)

Impressions: 3.1M

Moxy Hotels Owned Channels:

15 original, branded video assets

112,350K total Instagram Story Views

Average retention rate of 50%

Paid Media Results:

Impressions: 11,799,242

Clicks: 17,805 (0.15%)

ER: 18.32%

Video Completion Rate: 5.93%

4.83 pts lift in Ad Recall


Video for Moxy Hotels Coming Out Parties

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Moxy Hotels


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