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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Maruchan Dinner Conversations

Entered in User-Generated Content


Our objective was to capitalize on seasonality & topical trends (Back-to-School) and easily reach and connect with our target audience across all digital & social channels. We set out to do this by leveraging our "Dinner Conversations" broadcast spot through an extended social campaign that owns the slurp online. Additionally, our objectives were to raise brand awareness, drive engagement & generate conversations through paid social, organic social & influencers.

Strategy and Execution

With Maruchan, meals are made simple so more of your life can happen outside the kitchen. That means more time to talk, more time to listen, more time to laugh and more time to smile. What is a Maruchan Conversation? It's when the family comes together at the dinner table and gets reacquainted through the delicious taste of Maruchan. Through every bite is a word. Through every slurp is a sentence. Through every bowl is a dialogue. It's in these meaningful moments we become truthful to Maruchan's purpose. To bring families closer. To bring smiles to the table.

Through the use of social videos and content as well as influencers, we launched a sweepstakes where audiences could enter to win a month's supply of Maruchan ramen centered around encouraging them to post photos and videos with our products.


The driving element of our social campaign was the sweepstakes, which promised one lucky fan the chance to win a month's supply of our ramen — and we found sharing a picture or video proved to be the easiest, and most fun, way for fans to enter. Fans came out in waves to show their loyalty and affection for the brand with either photos of them wearing Maruchan-branded apparel or images of them simply enjoying products like our Instant Lunch Cups.

While Influencers helped us get our message across, our weekly Instagram Stories were instrumental in generating strong awareness for the sweepstakes. Our 76% completion rate translates to 3/4 of the users watching our stories until the very end — ultimately, a testament to their brand loyalty and interest in the campaign.

While users responded positively to our core messaging of bringing smiles to the table and the slurp, nothing garnered more excited than the actual product itself. From comments referring to their favorite flavors to users who were obsessed with the idea of winning the sweepstakes, our product was and remains the ultimate prize in our fans' eyes.


Impressions: 3.87M

Video Views: 1.16M

Engagements: 8.16K


CPM: $2.71

Cost Per View: $0.02

Cost Per Ad Recall: $0.03


Impressions: 1.4M

Video Views: 629K

Engagements: 2.3K

CPM: $3.91

Cost Per View: $0.02

Cost Per Ad Recall: $0.03


Impressions: 2.44M

Video Views: 533K

Engagements: 5.7K

CPM: $1.52

Cost Per View: $0.02

Cost Per Ad Recall: $0.02


Impressions: 36K

Video Views: 1.4K

Engagements: 160


Entrant Company / Organization Name

AMP Agency, Maruchan Inc.


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