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The Looney Tunes are a living, breathing entity chomping at the bit to put their cartoonish spin on the modern digital world – and BLKBX helped them break loose. Warner Bros. tasked us with growing the brand's social channels as a platform for a variety of future projects, while erasing perceptions of a last-century property strictly for children.

By reinvigorating the brand voice with a playful contemporary tone, we pulled in older fans of the classics, reintroduced iconic characters to a new generation, and rocket-launched the Looney Tunes from colorful cartoons to trending cultural commentators.

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A key asset in our strategy was the masterful animation library rich in emotional and situational material. The Looney Tunes were GIFs before GIF was a word, making them perfect fodder for social creative. The team at BLKBX combed through hundreds of shorts to find unique, meme-able moments to pair with our sharp copy, breathing new life and laughter into artwork that's over half a century old.

The importance of social listening cannot be overstated in the success of this account. BLKBX's social team kept its ears to the ground to identify real-time trends and topics of interest to fans, keeping them engaged at every twist, turn and tweet. When Space Jam aired on VH1 at 3AM in the United Kingdom, we knew about it, and were there to lead the discussion.

This dynamic use of social listening opened a portal of interactive moments we were privileged to share with the fan base. The Looney Tunes have always operated as self-aware breakers of the fourth wall, and BLKBX was able to channel that sensibility on social with Bugs Bunny or Wile E. Coyote chiming into conversations with their own two-cents. Fans wore these unexpected interactions as badges of honor, sharing them on their own pages and snowballing the brand's reach to new audiences.


We knew we'd tapped into something special when the revamped Tunes elicited public interactions with celebrities like Mark Hamill, Ru Paul and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and even sports teams like the Baltimore Orioles. BLKBX was not only able to leverage these to increase the brand's Twitter followers by 388% (5,147 to 25,200 in one calendar year) – but did so completely organically. Our content was featured as a Twitter moment in 2018, proving that with the right social strategy and team driving it, the Looney Tunes could be back in action. That's all folks!


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BLKBX Creative Group, Warner Bros. Consumer Products


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