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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Kappa Crypto

Entered in Branded Series

About this entry

Kappa Crypto was the first show of its kind to be fully sponsored on Snap Originals. When the show debuted in December 2018, it was bought in totality by Verizon Visible. This sponsorship, brought to Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts by NBCUniversal's Digital Sales team, was a seamless partnership due to both parties' mutual desires to be in front of a young, engaged, mobile audience. Kappa Crypto's unique story of a young sorority girl helping the FBI fight crime, aided by her hacking skills provided the perfect vehicle for Verizon Visible to connect with millennial and Gen-Z viewers.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In order to make this partnership all it could be, we helped promote Visible to our viewers through two avenues: integrations and custom ad content. Directly embedded into the fabric of our show were integrations with the Visible product. The phone carrier on Maddie's device, her unlocking Visible's hotspot capabilities, paying her phone bill with ease, were all shown inside of our show. This ensured that all impressions of Kappa Crypto would also be impressions for these Visible integrations. In addition, we shot 5 pieces of bespoke ad content to play during our 3 6-second ad breaks in each episode. We shot all 5 of the custom ad spots on a mobile phone in the middle of production. Throughout Kappa Crypto's first run, there was a complete takeover of all ad breaks, which featured a mix of custom ad content and Visible ads.


Kappa Crypto was the first show of its kind to be fully sponsored on Snap Originals, and it set the bar for more sponsorship opportunities on the platform. We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of user engagement for Kappa Crypto. It was unchartered territory how a complete-ad-takeover would go over on Snap Originals, but it didn't seem to negatively affects our viewership at all. Moreover, Visible was so thrilled with the performance that they came back for another total buyout of our next show to premiere, #VanLife.


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Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts


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