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Inspire an exquisite stay with Vogue x St. Regis

Silver Honor in Video


The timeless rituals of St. Regis rituals date back to the turn of the century and the renowned Astor family of New York, the founding family of the brand. Yet, simply because they have history does not mean they cannot be explored in new and modern ways.

St. Regis partnered with Vogue for this campaign to showcase the storied rituals of St. Regis in a fresh way that would both deepen the brand's connection with existing customers, along with exposing the brand to new customers. This was done through a series of social videos and a full film that explored all the timeless rituals of the St. Regis.

Strategy and Execution

To meet the objective, St. Regis partnered with Vogue magazine to create an engaging social video to be showcased on both partner's channels.

St. Regis showcased a playful expression of three brand rituals: Afternoon Tea, Bloody Mary, and our Evening Ritual. Through exquisite dance, fashion, and the glamour of Vogue, we put a modern spin on classic traditions.

In addition to the exploration of our rituals through this new approach, we also took a new approach to the distribution of the content on social media. Rather than creating one video, we created the "hero" video and then a handful of shorter social cuts that acted as trailers. These trailers allowed us to extend the lifespan of the brand campaign on social, and also allowed us to zero in on our most engaged customers through retargeting.


This video was extremely successful on social. Not only were we able to reach and engage with our target audience in a fun, new way, but also we were able to prove the value of social retargeting for deepening the value of our content.

The two short cuts of the video received nearly 150,000 views across Facebook and Youtube, almost all of which came from our target audience (based on location, affluence, travel habits, and likes).

The full video (which was retargeted only to people who engaged with one or more of the short videos) reached 111,000 views at an incredibly efficient cost of $0.14 per ThruPlay. This means it was much more efficient than average for a luxury audience.

Even more impressive was the 14.8% completion rate. Of course, a view does not mean that the entire video was watched. For videos of this length (~90 seconds), it is very common to have only 5% of views watch the video in its. Due to the quality of this video and our retargeting strategy, we were able to get 3x better performance than luxury benchmarks.


Video for Inspire an exquisite stay with Vogue x St. Regis

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St. Regis Hotels & Resorts


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