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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Feed A Bee

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Bees get a bad rap. Yes, they make that annoying buzz sound, and they do give us nasty stings from time to time. But the truth is, bees contribute mightily to the survival of virtually everything we need to live on this planet. Because without them, the plants that feed us couldn't be pollinated and reproduce.

One of biggest threats facing bees is declining forage – that is, the wild flowers and plants bees pollinate and use for food. With the proliferation of more and more urban areas, bees have fewer and fewer places to live and do their important work of pollination.

So, in 2015, Bayer introduced the Feed A Bee program to help keep bees happily buzzing and spreading pollen to plants all across the nation. The program focuses on planting pollinator forage in the areas it's most needed, educating the public on the importance of the issue, and helping consumers create their own forage through seed giveaways and planting grants.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Going into 2018, Feed A Bee was approaching a big milestone: Feed A Bee sponsored plantings in all 50 states. But instead of simply celebrating this success, we set out to inspire more plantings by putting a more human face on the program and showing how regular citizens are participating in this important work. So, we created a series of social videos that highlighted the unique settings and human stories of some of the folks who are putting their Feed A Bee grants to work across America. This put a local, human face on the issue to remind everyone of our shared role in helping bees and to inspire more reasons to plant.


These social videos helped get the word out about the surprising benefits of Bayer's Feed A Bee program, and showed viewers how much regular folks like them can help with the issue by following Detroit Hives' simple motto: Work Hard. Stay Bumble.


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BBDO Atlanta, Bayer Crop Science


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