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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Don't Kill My Buzz

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While North America is blessed with diverse wildlife and abundant natural resources, including more than 4,000 native bee species, more than one-third of our nation's wildlife are at risk of extinction.

This includes bees. Bees are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we take, yet they're declining like never before. In 2018, U.S. Fish and Wildlife added the first native bee species to its endangered list (rusty patched bumble bee). Bees are threatened and need our help.

In an effort to reverse the decline, Barkman Honey developed Beesponsible - a platform aimed at giving bees a voice by sharing ways to help them. In 2018, the agency was engaged to generate awareness for Beesponsible (and Bee Harmony Honey) among media and consumers, and move people to action.

Start from the ground-up.

Without a well-known household brand backing the campaign, the agency was tasked with finding creative ways in with media and consumers to gain their attention and consideration.

Cut through the clutter.

Cause campaigns are on the rise and consumers are weary. While bees are having a moment in the media, the agency was challenged with inserting Beesponsible into an existing narrative while elevating brand awareness and building trust.

Leverage the campaign as a launch pad for Bee Harmony Honey – a new brand in the Barkman Honey portfolio dedicated to handcrafting honey the Beesponsible way.

Strategy and Execution

The Plight of Bees

•1 in 3 bites of food we take relies on them

•33% of the nation's honeybee colonies were lost in 2016-17

The Buzz about Bees

•Brands are drawing focus back to bees, but results are not cohesive. The issue is complicated and the conversation is cluttered.

•3.1M mentions over 90-day period for: honey, honeybees, pollinators, giving, good and social responsibility

Shifting Expectations

•54% of consumers expect brands to be a force for positive change

•Brands can't just talk, they must ACT in an authentic way that gives back

Craft an integrated communications campaign that pulls every lever at our disposal to:

•Bring credibility and a tangible CSR component to Beesponsible platform

•Rally the right accelerators – media, celebrity and influencer – around the campaign for broad awareness

•Build network of supporters

•Drive people to action in support of the bees

•Create a steady drumbeat of coverage that amplifies awareness of Beesponsible, but allows the campaign to serve as a launch point for new product – Bee Harmony Honey\

Block & Tackle Media

•Introduced influential media to the brand via mailers and desksides, and maintained an ongoing cadence of pitching to drive steady drumbeat of coverage

Social Advocacy - #DontKillMyBuzz

•Teamed up with National Wildlife Federation to introduce #DontKillMyBuzz – a social selfie campaign to support bee-friendly gardens

•Created campaign identity and website

•Designed t-shirt to support the cause (portion of proceeds donated) and drive social selfies

•Produced print campaign to run in NWF Magazine and 3-part video series, leveraging NWF's Naturalist, David Mizejewski

•Asked celebs to help us launch the campaign for FREE


37 Earned National Online + Print Media Placements

100+ Broadcast Mentions

10 Paid Media and Influencer Placements

4MM+ Paid Influencer Impressions

140MM+ Earned Impressions

100% Positive Media Sentiment

9 EARNED Celebrity, Influencer and Editor Social Media Shout-outs

14.6M Social Impressions

163K Estimated Engagements

10 Celebs Requested T-Shirts: Kristen Bell, Martha Stewart, Tiffani Thiessen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Keltie Knight, Beverly Mitchell

+7,353 Facebook | +4,356 Instagram | +595 Twitter

Unique site visits up more than 300%


Video for Don't Kill My Buzz

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Mitchell Communications, Barkman


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