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Crazy Rich Asians

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DMM worked in partnership with Warner Bros. on the theatrical social media campaign for the romantic comedy of the summer, Crazy Rich Asians. The social campaign was executed using strategic social content series that brought the film's humor to life digitally while also highlighting the universal and relatable moments. By utilizing and focusing our social content on friends and family, relatability, love, and pedigree, we aimed to show off the best-selling novel in a new light to attract a larger fan base, while still staying true to the story's context.

Strategy and Execution

Two of the most important themes from the film we wanted to highlight were friends and family. Matching the style of the film, we introduced the characters using key art inspired by the culture of the film, followed by a tagline that best described each person. To pull it all together, we incorporated scenes in the film that best demonstrated each character's relatable tagline such as "Moms who put family first" or "Boyfriends who make you swoon."

We aimed to create social pieces that would appeal to hopeless romantics, while also including a slice of humor to top things off. Our love-themed social pieces were focused around the relationship between Rachel and Nick to reflect the popular 'relationship goals' trend used by our core audience. Passing down family traditions and stealing bites off your partner's plate are just some of the ways we incorporated the lovable and relatable moments that occur in a relationship.

To build on the incredible buzz coming from the advanced screenings, we designed social creatives to showcase the movement that was happening across the country. When it came time to highlight the movie's certified fresh status via Rotten Tomatoes, in addition to all the favorable reviews from media outlets, our teams saturated the social accounts with a variety of creatives leveraging this attained status. Whether it was fan sentiment, critically acclaimed reviews or highlights from the press tour -- we wanted to bring all the attention to it.

The theatrical and talent teams at DMM worked together in partnership with Warner Bros. to help pull off a groundbreaking press tour for Crazy Rich Asians that spanned 9 cities across the US & Canada with the film's talent in each location. With teams working in tandem, we were able to pull off several initiatives that made the press tour a success, including capturing live social content with the cast in real time, producing filmed Q+A's with the cast, and getting the cast to interact with each other from thousands of miles away via Instagram Live.


The social campaign garnered a total of over 365M impressions, about 29M in reach, and over 5M total engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Grossing over $238M globally, Crazy Rich Asians' social and digital campaign was able to show off the many parts of the iconic film that made it not only funny and beautiful, but also deeply important for generations to come.


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Digital Media Management, Warner Bros.

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