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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Chicken Talk

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Sanderson Farms' approach to raising chickens is straightforward and simple, but sometimes consumers need a bit of explanation to connect the dots. So, we launched a new marketing campaign that explains our common-sense approach to raising chickens in a more conversational and engaging way. The catch here is that the one doing all the talking is a chicken. Not a cartoon chicken or a puppet chicken or a guy-in-a-suit chicken. Just a chicken that talks and probably even reminds you of someone you know.

Strategy and Execution

When it comes to purchasing fresh chicken, consumers are inundated with confusing claims and gimmicks like "all-vegetarian fed" and "free range" that many big brands use to create a point of difference and charge more money.

Sanderson Farms doesn't believe in gimmicks. They believe in raising natural, wholesome chicken the right way – backed by science and overseen by veterinarians. In the past, the brand had called attention to this point of view by going head to head against the industry – but being defensive wasn't helping to attract new customers to the brand.

So rather than point out what the industry does or doesn't do, Sanderson Farms decided to tell the story of what they do and why. Focusing on their common-sense approach to raising chicken, the idea was to go right to the authority on how chicken should be raised: a chicken.



Video for Chicken Talk

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BBDO Atlanta, Sanderson Farms


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