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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Bulletproof words.

Winner in Social Activism

Bronze Honor in Social Good Campaign


Mexico is the most dangerous country to practice journalism (after Syria, country at war). In 2017 alone 12 journalists were murdered in the country, totalling 120 murdered journalists and more than 200 aggressions against them.

The objective was to generate a powerful action to give visibility and importance to this problem.

Strategy and Execution

We want to show that information protects us and that the power of journalists fall in their words, since it's through their words that they aknowledge the truth of what's happening in the world.

On June 7, the day of freedom of expression in Mexico, we launched a symbol, a real bulletproof vest made from recycled articles and notes that talk about dead journalists, to prove that words must be bulletproof.


In a week, we generated 11 million impressions in Social Media with no media budget.

15 countries were part of the conversation on Twitter.


Video for Bulletproof words.

Entrant Company / Organization Name

La Doblevida, Article 19


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