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You're The Worst - Turtle Edition

Silver Honor in Facebook Live


Everyone loves a classic love story… "You're the Worst" is not one of them. Over the past 4 seasons, fans have relished in the fact that You're the Worst is the perfect antidote to the over-the-top rom coms. It's irreverent sense of humor is unique and one of a kind.

To promote season 4, we figured what better way to show off this unconventional story than with a truly unconventional stunt? Enter a baby turtle re-enactment of classic You're the Worst scenes on Facebook Live. Because who doesn't love baby animals, right? It was just the right amount of odd to satisfy our fans and create buzz for Season 4.

Strategy and Execution

There were many steps to making our turtle dreams into reality. For starters, we knew that turtles, though adorable, were a gamble since they aren't the… liveliest of creatures. However, the risk paid off. We conducted a custom turtle shoot, complete with a turtle wrangler (yes, seriously), a miniature recreation of the YTW set and miniature costumes and props for our stars.

We also added interactive elements like live polls, "commercial" breaks, plugs for other FX shows (featuring turtle stand ins), and live community management, so that fans felt that this really was a once in a lifetime live event. After all, to deprive fans of this would have been mighty shell-fish. Sorry, we had to.


The results were in, and our turtle stunt was a success. The 22 minute video had a reached over 350k Facebook users, with nearly 106k views. The only major disappointment was that our development execs didn't go for our pitch of Baby Turtles: the full length series, but we guess you can't win them all.


Video for You're The Worst - Turtle Edition

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FX Networks, Watson Design Group

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